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If you are looking for 5 reasons to visit Nantes, you are in the right place! Here’s the article for you.

For the past few years Nantes has been on the upswing. In the old days, we used to talk about Nantes as “the sleeping beauty.” This period is well and truly over.

The city has modernized and has become a very touristy city.

Dynamic, artistic, contemporary, Nantes is amazing and will surprise you!

In addition, its proximity to the ocean (30 minutes from Pornic) is an asset not to be overlooked.

From an exceptional cultural proposal, Nantes has everything for a great, everything to please you!

Nantes is the city where I was born, so I naturally included it in my collections of children’s travel books.


Find here our travel diary Nantes designed for family travel


Here are 5 reasons to visit Nantes:

1- To discover the city’s historical past

Nantes is a city with a historical heritage that you can discover all over the city as it marks the urban landscape

Industrial heritage:

On the island of Nantes, for example, you won’t miss two main streets: the yellow Titan crane and the grey crane.
The old workshops of the construction sites now house the wacky world of the Island Machines. They attract a growing crowd of curious people who come to admire his giant creatures in action.

Who doesn’t know LU cookies? Located in the former factory, the Unique Place was founded in 2000. A cultural centre and a real place to live, it offers a café/restaurant, a bookshop, a club, a hammam…

Nantes, which saw the factories that had its wealth closed little by little, was keen to preserve its industrial identity. Thanks to this appreciation of the heritage, Nantes has been able to rediscover its superb.

Historic heritage:

The Château des d’Anne de Bretagne, located in the heart of the medieval quarter of the city, is emblematic of Nantes. In addition to the view from the ramparts (free access), its history museum is worth a visit.

If you come in the summer, take the opportunity to cool off in the water mirror just across the street.

Nearby, the cathedral offers its majestic façade, restored in 2008.


2- For an immersion in the world of Island Machines

Embark on the back of a giant elephant or board a merry-go-round inspired by Jules Verne’s marine world. Why not both, since you’re there?

Walking in under these naves of the old yards is a bit magical and really unique. Both fantastic and technical, their world will not leave you indifferent. Fall back into childhood, a real pleasure!

The machines of the island were born thanks to the inventiveness of two artists whose universe is amazing, grandiose, wacky. It is talked about around the world to the point where their knowledge is exported to China.


3- To stroll through Pommeraye

Gallery covered by a canopy is organized on three floors. Its very original architecture: the staircase, the railings, the statues and the hand-painted signs make it a must-see in the city where it is good to stroll.

The Pommeraye passage is also recognized as one of the most beautiful passages of Europe.

You will be impressed by the central staircase, which necessarily lends itself to a beautiful photo shoot.

You will find beautiful shops, making it a great place for rainy days.

A place a little out of time and at the same time so emblematic of the city, it inspired many artists. It also served as the setting for Jacques Demy.


4- To put his steps in those of Jules Verne

The famous writer was born in Nantes on February 8, 1828 and spent all his youth there, until his 20th birthday. Born on Feydeau Island, the family home was exactly located between two arms of the Loire. He moved there for the first 14 years of his life.

The Loire and its boats will therefore inspire him for the creation of his literary work known to all.

This is another great reason to visit Nantes.

Located on St Anne’s Mound, the Jules Verne Museum is dedicated to the work of the great writer. Take a walk!


5- To stroll through the bouffay pedestrian district

Near the castle, the Bouffay is the historic district of the city of Nantes. The streets are narrow and there are a few half-timbered houses and remnants of 15th century buildings.

Fully pedestrian, it’s good to wander around looking for a restaurant or pancake shop that will delight you. Shops of all styles rub shoulders.


If you need more than 5 reasons to visit Nantes, follow the green line… It will take you to the city’s must-sees, which you can also find in our Nantes travel diary.


children's travel diary nantes
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