8 activity ideas to keep kids busy at home

Lookingfor ideas for activities to keep the kids at home (smartly if possible)? For the past few weeks, there have been no more schools, and even if it is for a good cause, this period of confinement can become a bit heavy.

We, as parents, must redouble our imagination so that these weeks that change our habits do not turn into a nightmare.

To prevent them from staying in front of a screen all day (although there are some great initiatives in this area too), here are 8 ideas for activities to keep the kids busy at home:

1- Visit a museum “virtually”

It is forbidden to go out, so it becomes impossible to visit a museum. To our delight, many museums have made so-called “virtual” visits available to Internet users.

And great advantage: you won’t be bothered by the crowd!
Anyway, no queue either!

You can take all your time. Also, you won’t have to tell your toddlers: “We don’t touch!”, “don’t run!”. Perfect conditions to visit in peace, we understand…

So you can enjoy the greatest works and take the time to talk about them with your children.

With an advantage in the key. You can answer their questions by having a foolproof tool at your fingertips: Google!

You will be able to access the most prestigious museums such as the MoMa in New York or the Louvre Museum but also the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam or the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.
So you have the gallery of Apollo, Guernica of Picasso or the almond tree in bloom!

Louvre Paris Museum

Take the time as a family to rediscover these artistic gems… from your living room.

Since many museums around the world are involved in this initiative, you can’t get bored.

Good plan: offer your children a “minute at the museum” on the internet. Very accessible and playful, it’s perfect for children between the age of 5 and 11.

2- Learn the great classics of French song

Singing with your family: an idea of activity to keep children at home

Why not take advantage of being at home with the children to offer them to discover together great songs that are part of the heritage of our country?

By varying the performers, teach them classics! Here are some suggestions (already tested on my children with satisfaction):

  • “Boyfriends First” by Georges Brassens
  • “Mistral Winner” by Renaud
  • “The Waltz at a Thousand Times” by Jacques Brel
  • “Take Me” by Charles Aznavour
  • “Taking a child by the hand” by Yves Duteil
  • “The Little Happiness” by Felix Leclerc
  • “Santiano” by Hugh Auffray
  • “The Lakes of Connemara” by Michel Sardou

    Of course, this list is far from exhaustive. It’s up to you to appeal to your memory!
    In this regard, what songs have marked you and therefore what songs would you like to “transmit” to your children?

3- Design and enjoy a sports course

If you have the (great) chance to have a garden, here is an idea of activities to keep the kids busy at home to put at the top of your list.

Creating a small sports course is very easy and will, in addition, allow your children to stretch their legs and let off steam! In times of confinement, it’s essential!

You can adapt it if you have children of different ages.
And keep in mind that if you don’t have a garden, a route can also be done in the living room!

These sports courses are, moreover, an opportunity for the little ones toimprove their motor skills, their balance

Take what you have on hand: chairs, logs, bricks, water bottles, an empty flower pot, a balloon, … and give free rein to your imagination.

Then blow them up, crawl, go foot bell, slalom, aim… Remember to familiarize them with the course by doing it together beforehand.

Good plan: in the meantime, you can even afford a drink while you’re timed.

doing a sports course: an idea of activity to keep the children at home

4- Listen to podcasts

You thought podcasts (audio content to listen to whenever you want) were reserved for adults? Don’t get me wrong! It is, in fact, one of our ideas for activities to keep children busy at home.

Because listening to a story stimulates language, concentration, imagination, listening to a podcast is a great alternative to screens.

Here is a list of some references in this area:

  • “Les Odyssées” on France Inter offers an immersion in the adventures of the great figures of history.
    To listen to here.
  • Bloom: Children’s radio offers new tales.
    To listen to here.
  • The great story of Apple api for children from 3 to 6 years old.
    To listen to here.
  • “The Curious Little Ones” offers a short general culture content aimed at children.
    To listen to here.

5- Watch movies (which you never have time to watch… usually).

First, there are The Great Disney Classics like the Lion King or Nemo. But they’re not the only ones.
Indeed, this period of confinement can also be an opportunityto (re)discover films that have fallen into oblivion a little.

Some nuggets might deserve a second chance. This is the case of Mulan or 1001 legs (Pixar co-production).

My favorite Disney movie remains Vaïana, the legend of the end of the world. Funny, touching with beautiful drawings that make you dream! Everything we need right now!

Idea of activity to do with family - watch a movie

In addition to these animated films, you can also have a great time with your family in front of a classic film suitable for all audiences.
Here are some ideas:
– Belle and Sebastian,
– Mom I shrunk the kids,
– The big mop,
– Mary Poppins,
– E.T the extraterrestrial,
– Mum I missed the plane.

watching a family movie: an idea of activity to keep children at home

Maybe you want to take advantage of this moment of confinement to share with your children movies that have marked you personally.

If so, don’t hesitate! It’s time:-)

Good plan: take advantage of this moment to make a “tight stick” that the children love and prepare yourself popcorn … to make it even more true!

6 – Travelling from home

Why not use these weeks at home to keep your children busy around the theme of travel and discovering the world? On this, we know a ray at WanderWorld 🙂

Find an article in Le Figaro that will give you interesting leads.

Indeed, it is an opportunity to project yourself into the beautiful moments that await you when this bad pass will be behind us. Think about his next vacation can’t hurt…

Having projects is life! If you want to immerse yourself in your next getaways, take a look at our children’s travel book shop.

Good plan:
So we offer you coloring to print to keep the kids busy at home feeling like you’re travelling.

Coloring World Map for Kids - WanderWorld

7 – Discover the world from your couch.

Screens should not be banned from the lives of our children at all costs.

There are indeed excellent proposals of all kinds accessible from a screen.

1/ If your children are prehistoric enthusiasts,a visit to the caves of Lascaux will enchant them.

2/ A visit to a Great American Park tempts you? Rangers take you on a spectacular tour.

Bryce Canyon - Great American Park - WanderWorld

There is nothing like it to prepare for a future trip to this destination or to remember an old stay. Really exciting!

And that gives us wings. What a moment of escape!

Find here the virtual tour of the great American parks.

3/ Finally, for dinosaur-goers, the Natural History Museum in Washington also offers a comprehensive virtual tour.

8 – Making a cabin

Offering your child the construction of a cabin is a sure success!
Make pillows, towels, clothespins, hair clips, boxes, sheets, sheets, etc. and let him create his little nest.

A refuge where to hide, snuggle up, retreat…
You will be surprised to find how our children’s imagination is limitless!

A word of advice: if possible, do not install it in the living room but rather in the room. Indeed, the time to remove it will probably be painful, so install this cabin in a place that does not hinder family life.

Family activity at home: building a cabin

We hope this list of fun activities to do with your kids at home will have helped you. This moment of confinement will also allow the youngest to gain in … Autonomy! And that’s essential to grow and gain confidence.

And why not take advantage of this period of confinement to immerse yourself in your travels with your children?
If you want to offer them to write a souvenir diary of a trip you made together, read our 6 reasons to write a travel diary.

Take good care of yourself and others by staying at home!

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