A travel diary for whom? For what?

At each destination its original travel diary

Our WanderWorld children’s travel books are intended to be fun and (re)creative.
They are available in several languages depending on the destination.

Designed for children, our travel diaries are hand-illustrated and accessible to all. You’ll find the right destination in the shop.

A5, our children’s travel notebooks are easy to slip into a handbag or backpack. They accompany you on your vacation and include:

A map of the city

You will find the main monuments to visit in the form of a simplified and schematic map. Very easy to understand, your children will love being a guide in the city!

Observation: there is no map of the city for our more generic children’s travel diaries such as: World, Mountain and France.

nos destinations de voyages plan Barcelone
nos destinations de voyages stickers Paris

A sticker board

In colors, which take up the different monuments and that must be glued to the right place on the plane when you made the corresponding visit. The game consisting of sticking all the stickers, the child is particularly motivated to discover the heritage of the city!

For more generic notebooks the sticker board does not include heritage elements. Instead, they are used to decorate your travel diary and make it unique!

A bound notebook

  • Suggestions for activity in check list mode
  • A space to paste photos and tickets for entry or transport
  • Anecdotes to learn more about the destination
  • A page to take notes and remember nothing about the stay
  • Coloring, games, jeuxfree drawings…
  • Pages for the favourites of the trip
  • A map of the world/France to color…

Observation: The content and number of pages vary by destination.

carnet de voyage enfant bordeaux
à propos de nous isabelle et ester

Isabelle Morin & Ester Pino Tovar

The genesis of the idea

My name is Isabelle Morin, from the same town as Jules Verne, I am the happy mother of three children. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved to travel… So I have the unfortunate habit of embarking my little troop to discover the wonders of our planet.

I have often wondered how to keep track of our family journeys over time. As my parents had accustomed me to keeping a travel diary,it seemed natural to ask my children to do the same.

What do you think are the most precious memories we have of our adventures?

Besides the photos, our children’s travel diary of course!

The page where my eldest son writes as a highlight of the day: “we have the jetlag as Mom says but it doesn’t hurt at all, I don’t feel anything” always makes me smile and automatically brings me back to that night in Singapore that he spent jumping on his bed.

When I reread the page where my daughter notes as a highlight of the day having learned to eat with her hands does not fail to move me. The warm welcome of this Omani family who received us for lunch while we were out of car (by 45oC) remains unforgettable.

Our odysseys are not always easy and sometimes you have to be inventive to arouse envy,avoid arguments (as in this tiny campervan in New Zealand), arouse curiosity… in short succeed in creating a real moment of sharing and fun.

If you want to know more: I have 6 reasons for a child to write a travel diary.

The Adventure of WanderWorld Travel Notebooks

How can we keep a memory of a trip that resembles us? And how can children be given the desire to discover the heritage of a destination?

So I’m thinking about a fun and original way to keep your travel memories that at the same time is useful and inspiring when you’re there.

I then have the idea of a small booklet illustrated and customizable thanks to stickers (I saw the craze they generate in the lives of children).

I contact Ester Pino Tovar, a passionate drawing and illustration. She is on her way to accompany me on this adventure and make my idea a reality on paper. We have six children between us, so we can say that family travel speaks to us!

WanderWorld was born … And the adventure of our travel diaries continues!

Psttttt: take care of your children’s travel memories, they are precious.

WanderWorld à propos de nous 1