How to pay less for your plane ticket (by Pauline)

We met Pauline, who likes to travel and especially in “difficult” countries like Iran or Rwanda. She runs a blog( lots of tips and good deals that should interest you especially if you intend to go to a country said little tourist.

So she knows a lot about travel and gives us her tips here so that travel does not rhyme with unaffordable. When you leave with your tribe, you can easily blow up the budget.
We hope that his advice as a bully will be useful to you.

Thank you Pauline!


“The price of the plane ticket is often one of the big black spots in the budget when you have planned a week’s holiday away from France.

And if you like to leave without necessarily booking your hotel in advance, be free to travel, get up on time as you want, then you are like me. You book what is called a dry flight (flight alone without hotel, breakfast, etc.).

But there are several rules to follow when you hope to find THE cheap airfare. Savvy travellers will probably find some basic tricks but it’s always good to review the basics for novices. And on the contrary, there are a few tricks you may not know yet.

Come on I’m taking the risk…


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More and more websites are popping up on the net and offer you the best plans to travel cheaply. Here are two that compete for good deals and offer a newsletter, or even send you text messages…

1/Leo’s Cheap Travels

Leo, 25, loves to travel but he doesn’t have much money!

It is he who writes it in the bio of his site. He then took it upon himself to find all the price errors he could find on the websites of airlines and flight comparators. It allowed a subscriber to go to New York with a return ticket of 270 euros!

His newsletter is already followed by more than 60,000 people. So if you’re not yet a subscriber, now is the time to take the plunge to get your cheap airfare.


This website finds you all the best deals and sends them to you via the WhatsApp app (free messaging via wifi)!

All you have to do is subscribe and you’ll receive messages with today’s offers. You can also select categories to receive only the destinations you’re interested in.


Book on the Internet rather than in an agency

This trick, normally everyone knows it but you never know … It’s better to review the fundamentals.

You have several flight comparisons such as Flight Exchange, Skyscanner, Liligo, Kayak…

They compare all the flights of all the airlines and find you the best price. Every traveller has his or her own preference. For my part, I often book with the stock exchange.

For frequent flyers: also take advantage of loyalty programs. All airlines have one.
The best known are Sky Team (including Airfrance’s Flying Blue), One World and the oldest Star Alliance.

It’s free to join. Once registered, you earn miles each time you fly, with one of the airlines listed in the program. They are mostly made for people who travel a lot. But if on the contrary you don’t travel a lot, you can always buy products in partner shops with your miles accumulated.

Flexibility-flight at broken prices

Choose weekday departures and returns overweekends. It’s sometimes complicated if you don’t have a lot of flexibility because of the work. But if you can, I highly recommend it to find a cheap airfare.

The best prices often fall from Wednesday to Wednesday. The other more classic trick is to avoid going in high season when prices are exploding.

  • Be flexible on the destination. It will always cost you more to go to Tahiti, rather than Thailand!
  • Do some research at night between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. A friend of mine told me to do this when she was looking for a cheap ticket to India. Some have told me that they have doubts about the effectiveness of this practice.

So to test after a long evening but do not get up on purpose.

At the time of purchase of the ticket

Book your ticket at least two months in advance to take advantage of prices that are still not too expensive.

Or the other way around. But it’s more random. Some airlines make last-minute discounts, but it takes time to check every day, and you have to have a malleable schedule to be able to leave at the last minute and find a cheap airfare at all.


Check if your credit card provides you with insurance, in which case you don’t need to take out the insurance that the airlines offer you when you book your flight.


Travel light. So you don’t have to take all the clothes from your wardrobe or three pairs of shoes. All companies have a maximum weight accepted in the hold. It’s still around 15, 20 kilos. Beyond that, you have to heat the blue card.

For carry-on baggage, the official size is 50 x 20 x 40 cm,but this can change depending on the company. Sometimes, with some airlines like Easy Jet, you even have to pay extra to put a bag in the hold.


Your flight went wrong

You can get compensation in somecases. If your flight has been delayed (minimum 3 hours), overbooked or simply cancelled, you can claim compensation from your airline.

Alternatively, the volretardé.fr website helps you get up to 600 euros in compensation on your flight. The site charges 25 of the sum in case of actual compensation.

Come on… your next cheap trip is just a few clicks away;-)



We hope this article will have been useful to you to find a cheap plane ticket. Do you have good plans to travel without costing you an arm… or both? If so, please let us know in comment.

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