In Paris during the winter holidays? Our ideas for activities to do with your family.

In Paris with children cover

Our dear toddlers are (still!) on holiday and for parents, at first glance, it means panic on board.
But what are we going to do to keep them busy? Do you really want them to spend all their time in front of a screen?

Try to take advantage of these two weeks to give yourself a few breaks too… yes I know, easier said than done.
Make this holiday an opportunity to share time with your children and create memories.

Here are our winter holiday 2018 finds to do in Paris with the children:


1- The Agricultural Show

As every year, the Agriculture Fair will soon open its doors. An opportunity for an immersion in the heart of the French agricultural community and to meet Haute, the star of the show.
From February 24 to March 4, 2018, Porte de Versailles, the show is in fact a must-see event for those who want to introduce their children to the agricultural world.

Children generally love animals and there are more than 4000! Going to the agricultural fair is therefore the ideal opportunity for them to approach cows, donkeys, sheep, pigs, goats… The fair has even provided an educational farm especially for the little ones.

Not just for politicians, the agriculture fair is meant to be “Kids friendly”. Goodies will be offered on site but also identification bracelets, as part of the “zero lost child” operation, are distributed at the entrances of the show.

Every day there are activities and workshops. On the program, quizzes, shows, tastings, track games and agility for a real moment of family sharing. Everything is planned to make them aware of the roles of animals.

Practical info:

  • Open 9am-7pm
  • Adult price: 14 euros /children 6 to 12 years old: 7 – Free for under 6s


2- Skating at 210 meters high at the Montparnasse Tower Skateway

On the 59th floor of the Montparnasse tower, take in the 360-degree view of Paris and indulge in the joys of sliding. Indeed, for 3 weeks, the rooftop of the tower is transformed into a skating rink (synthetic) for the pleasure of all!

On a track of 270 m2 and enjoying a breathtaking view of Paris, your children equipped with skates (loaned on site) will take for Surya Bonaly or Philippe Candeloro.

Be careful, don’t forget your gloves as they are mandatory.

Finally, as long as it doesn’t go too bad weather!

Practical info:

  • Montparnasse tower skate open from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Price: 17 euros and 9.5 euros for children (free for under 4s)


3- In the big blue with the whales


La Géode offers superb documentaries that are really suitable for children.
Well settled in this big faceted ball that always intrigues the youngest, go to meet the humpback whales. Sea giants over 50 tons, it’s a pleasure to follow them from Alaska to Hawaii. You will discover their migration, their relationship with their young and you will understand why they are true acrobats of the seas.


Whales is a thrilling film (but not scary) that will make you travel, immersed in spectacular images that envelop you at 180 degrees.

Practical info:

  • Several sessions a day at the Géode
  • Price: $12 and €9


4- Wild animals

In the heart of the Garden of Plants, the menagerie awaits you from February 17 to propose a meeting with the predators.

One of the oldest zoos in the world will allow you to get to know otters or lynx. The wolf will even be there! Each day the park provides four activities for children from 6 years old. You can watch how wolves are fed, listen to storytelling sessions and meet experts.

Practical info:

  • Every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Price: Adult: €13. / Children aged 4 to 16: 10


5- Our Paris travel diary to visit the capital while having fun- It’s Le Figaro who says it 🙂


Playful and customizable, our Paris children’s travel diary is hand-illustrated and customizable. First, you’ll find a map with 13 of the city’s most iconic places and stickers to place on them as you visit. We’ve also put together a list of activities to do with your family. Why not stroll under the vaults of the Place des Vosges or watch the fishermen of the Canal Saint Martin?

We have also provided a space to paste your photos, your tickets, make a beautiful drawing, color a monument of the capital, your tickets and note your best memories. Finally, a dozen anecdotes about Paris will tell you a little more about the City of Light.

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