Original Advent calendars to wait for Christmas with your family

Advent cover calendars

Here comes December, the countdown to Christmas has officially begun! The older ones worry about their Christmas shopping while the little ones count down the days with their Advent calendars.
If we know above all the traditional chocolate calendar, there are all kinds of them. With a little late, WanderWorld unveils 5 original Advent calendars.
Who knows? If you’re also a little late, you might find it a good idea!
In the frenetic pace that announces that Christmas is approaching, a family moment is welcome.


The Crayola Advent Calendar

As you know, at WanderWorld, we like manual activities. So it seemed obvious to us to include Crayola’s calendar in the (short) list! Games, drawings, colouring, manual activities: the 24 surprises of this Advent calendar allow children to carry out creative activities.
Calendar price: €19.90.


The calendar re cycle me Christmas decorations for the house

This original kit will teach your child about recycling. Simply get a large cardboard box, keep your toilet rolls and your milk and water bottles empty. Thanks to the various materials in the kit, your child will be able to create original works related to Christmas: an Advent calendar,but also various decorations for the home.
Price: €12.99.


The DIY Advent Calendar

To continue in the path of manual activities, why not carry out your children’s Advent calendar yourself? Small mountain village, wild animals, Christmas balls bingo style… Ideas abound! You just have to figure out how to represent each of the 24 days of this special period. For the rest, let your imagination speak for itself… and your child’s!
He’ll love his calendar even more if you’ve done it together. But be careful not to let him see the surprises of each day too soon! For even more theme ideas, check out the my Little Kids article.


The Janod Advent Calendar

Advent cover calendars

Your child will be able to discover two pieces of a puzzle every day in the Janod Advent calendar. After twenty-four long days of patience, he will discover a magnificent Christmas tree that will complete your Christmas decorations. In addition, the calendar contains twenty-five greeting cards to send to your loved ones.
Price: $14.99.

And also… why not take this idea back for your own puzzle? Make the structure of the calendar with its small boxes. Then, do you get an age-appropriate Christmas puzzle? Finally, divide all the pieces into each of the twenty-four squares in the holdIt’s going to be a good one. It’s over!


The Happy Mother’s Advent Calendar

For foodies who want to change chocolate, the jam brand Bonne Maman offers its version of the Advent calendar! The little jar of jam he discovers every day will give your child a smile. Indeed, this is a nice way to start the day with a good breakfast! And maybe there will even be a little left for the four hours… unless mom and dad want to taste it too!
Price: €24.90.


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