Spending a family weekend in Paris

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Planning a family weekend in Paris and exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the world?

This is the first time you visit Paris with your family but have only a short time in front of you?

Do you want to discover the city without missing the must-sees and need help preparing for your stay?

You’re in the right place! We have prepared an itinerary for you that will allow you to visit most of the capital with your family.

Follow us and enjoy your getaway together!

Young and old will love the City of Light. We promise you won’t get bored.


Find our Paris travel diary designed for family travel


Here is our tour for a family weekend in Paris:


1/ The Friday evening of your family weekend in Paris

If you are planning to spend the weekend in Paris, you may arrive as early as Friday evening.

Why not start with a Paris by night? Discovering the main monuments of Paris lit up and admiring the quays of the Seine is an experience that will please adults and children alike.

Seeing the monuments in front of him will make you live an unforgettable moment,quietly settled (the next day you will need all your energy!). All you have to do is enjoy the view and admire Paris.

The beauty of the monuments and the city’s rich heritage will surely dazzle you.

Special mention, however, in front of the Eiffel Tower: children may scream as the emotion will be at its height. At least you are warned 🙂


Eiffel Tower illuminated by a family weekend in Paris


In the summer, the tour starts at 10pm, so it gives you time to arrive! If you spend your weekend with your family during the Christmas holidays,then this activity becomes almost a must!

Several companies offer this tour of Paris by Night such as Bigbus tours or Paris CityVision.

Another great way to discover Paris without tiring the whole troop is to replace the bus with the boat. The budget is, however, a little higher than the bus but this can also prove to be a good option.

Our tips:

  • If you can financially, we recommend you take the audioguide.
  • If you can’t afford this bus ride and drive to Paris, take the tour yourself! It’s certainly less pleasant for the driver, but the rest of the family can enjoy it.


2/ The Saturday of your family weekend in Paris

– Around Notre Dame

Start your day by taking the time to “get lost” on the island of Cité and St. Louis Island. These neighbourhoods are the historic heart of Paris!
Discovering the banks of the Seine while strolling is a real pleasure.

These UNESCO Heritage-listed banks can be explored on foot, by roller skate, by scooter or by bicycle… It’s up to you to choose what’s best for your family.

Starting at the Sully Bridge is a good option that will allow you to reach at least the Invalides… Or continue according to the age of your children.

First of all, you will be able to dazzle in front of Notre Dame.
Don’t forget to take a photo break at the Archdiocese Bridge, which offers stunning views of one of Paris’ must-see landmarks.


Notre Dame de Paris during a weekend in Paris with her family


Since the fire, it is no longer possible to return to the cathedral. However, nothing prevents you from admiring its exterior.

And if the forecourt is open, I invite you to look for the zero point of the roads of France.

In the form of a rose of the winds, this is the point from which distances are calculated from Paris. Very interesting to explain to the kids, isn’t it?


A family at point zero our lady of Paris

If you manage to keep a good rhythm and see that you have some time ahead of you, visit the Holy Chapel.

A true Gothic gem, it is located just a stone’s throw from Notre Dame and is well worth a visit. In addition, the tour is free for under 26s.

Our tips:

  • If it’s not nice but you know that the next day, the sun will be there, change your plans. The light through the stained glass windows is magical. It’s worth changing your schedule.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for the children’s booklet, which can also be downloaded from the Holy Chapel website. It is really well made for the youngest from 7 years old.

Along your walk on the banks of the Seine, you will see the booksellers. These are small “green boxes” that are actually bookstores that have specialized in old books.

You will also find posters, postcards, engravings, old comics… If you like to hunt, don’t hesitate to take a look at it.

booksellers in front of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris


At the exit of the Holy Chapel, cross the Seine to go to the right bank.

– The Pompidou Centre

It’s lunchtime. A little break would probably not be refused and the Pompidou center (also called Beaubourg) is perfect for this.

In addition, its architecture so atypical and the atmosphere that reigns around it should please children. And that’s not to mention the Stravinsky Fountain and its automatons!

Illustration of the Pompidou Centre (Beaubourg) from the Paris WanderWorld children’s travel diary


Weather permitting, enjoy the terraces of the surrounding restaurants or simply improvise a picnic on the esplanade.

If you have little time, limit yourself to the 5th floor. The view of all of Paris is magnificent.

The centre always offers activities for children. Take a look at the program!

Our advice:

Take a look at the bookstore on the ground floor. The children’s offer is very interesting.


– Rue de Rivoli to the Concorde

After your break, head to Rue de Rivoli. Bordered by arcades, it will easily take you to the Place de la Concorde.

Even if on a weekend visit the Louvre museum is not part of the program for lack of time, be sure to enter the courtyard and discover the pyramid. Built of glass to let light through, it will seem to children a big diamond.


Child in front of the Louvre Pyramid


Then join the Place de la Concorde through the Tuileries garden. The children will be able to frolic freely.

This family walk gives you time to enjoy the magnificent statues and sculptures. What a marvel of architectural elegance!

Our advice:

It’s the perfect time to enjoy an ice cream!

Statue of the tile garden


The largest and oldest public garden in Paris, it also offers places to sit!

At the end of the park, you arrived at Place de la Concorde! The Luxor obelisk is the jewel of the place but few people know that it is also a sundial. The largest in the world for that matter.

Search for the family of cobblestones bearing Roman numerals.


– The Alexander III Bridge and the Invalides

When you have the Concorde behind your back, take the opportunity to show your children the National Assembly on the other side of the Seine.

Go back to the Seine by the quays, which are entirely pedestrianised.

You will therefore arrive at the splendid Alexander III Bridge which will allow you to reach the Invalides.


Pont Alexandre III during a family weekend in Paris

Classified as a historical monument, the Alexandre III Bridge offers panoramic views of Paris (Eiffel Tower as a bonus). Its four majestic gilded bronze statues should please the whole family.

A photo break is therefore mandatory. And the esplanade in front of the Invalides is perfect for a break after this beautiful ride.

illustration in hand of Les Invalides in Paris
Illustration of Les Invalides from the Paris children’s travel diary


If your children are not exhausted by this first day, push to the Eiffel Tower by passing the Quai Branly museum.

After your walk, the Esplanade du Trocadéro and its view of the Champs de Mars reaches out to you.


View of the Eiffel Tower Paris


Find below the itinerary we have proposed:

Itinerary for a weekend in Paris with family


3/ The Sunday of your family weekend in Paris

It is certain that a weekend is not enough to know everything about Paris.
However, this second day of this weekend in Paris with your family will complete the one of the previous day and allow you to finish discovering the city’s must-sees.


– The City of Science and Industry

Located in The Park of La Villette, the City of Science and Industry has really been designed for children and for a better understanding of the world around them.
More than just a museum, it offers fun activities around Science that will please the whole family.

Learning while having fun is the offer of this place so kids-friendly that it is a real must for a weekend in Paris with family.
Expect to stay there for at least two and a half hours.

Of the 5 spaces on offer, the Children’s City is our favourite.


Cité des Sciences Paris

Our advice:

A popular place, we recommend booking.


– Montmartre

Montmatre Basilica Paris


After lunch, we invite you to discover Montmartre.

This must-see area of Paris is a bit difficult to get to as it is located on a mound but you can’t leave Paris without being there.

If your children are still small, now is the time not to forget the stroller! Climb to the top is worth it but offers a stunning view of the capital.

The interior of the basilica can be visited for free.

A picturesque area, it offers a relaxed and slightly bohemian atmosphere where art is omnipresent.


Place du Tertre in Paris
illustration from WanderWorld’s Paris children’s travel diary


You will of course find painters and cartoonists but also singers, jugglers and dancers…

Footballer ahead of Montmartre Paris

The beautiful place of the Tertre is therefore the obligatory passage and will allow you to imagine what the capital once looked like.

Our advice:

If the 200 steps put you off with the children, go for the funicular. Kids should love it.


4/ End of the weekend in Paris with family

It’s time to go…

I hope that this weekend in Paris with your family will leave you all a lasting memory and that the proposed itinerary will have allowed you to discover the essentials.
Has the magic of the City of Light also worked on your toddlers?

I wish you the stars all eyes on you.

Paris is full of activities and emblematic places, for the next visit we still have plenty of suggestions: the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, the Musée d’Orsay, the Great Gallery of Evolution, the Pantheon…

And if you want to keep a nice memory of your family weekend in Paris, write down everything in our paris children’s travel diary.

Find out in this article why it’s so beneficial to fill out a child travel diary.

It will also give you lots of good ideas to make the most of your stay and awaken children to the heritage of the capital!


children's travel diary Paris 1

Children's travel diary Paris full kit

See you soon for more family adventures!

Don’t hesitate to leave us comments.

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