The essentials for a first visit to Barcelona

The visit to Barcelona is an extraordinary experience when you discover the city for the first time.

Its architecture, its very favourable climate in all seasons, its gastronomy, its beaches… You will find that there is an air of vacation, a sweetness of life that will delight you.
You will easily enjoy getting lost and will probably have a hard time leaving.

When you have never set foot in this city it is difficult to know where to, so the proposals are multiple.

If you ask yourself the question“What to do in Barcelona?”,then this article will help you to see more clearly and to build the program of your holiday with ease.
You will fall in love … That’s for sure. Ready? Go!


The city of Barcelona is the perfect place for a city break

Voted the best tourist destination for a weekend in Europe in 2016, Barcelona has everything to change your country and make you have a good time.

There are indeed a large number of museums, must-see places,crazy places like Gaudi, gardens… so you’ll be spoilt for choice.visit Barcelona with family banner


The beaches also stretch your arms, you will enjoy it.

Barcelona never sleeps. Day and night, summer and winter, the city is amazing, captivating and endearing!

Also enjoy the sweetness of the evenings and let yourself be seduced by Barcelona.

Everyone who comes back is unanimous about it: it’s a great place to go on a holiday alone or with your family.

So if you’re looking for a moment of relaxation, away from your daily routine, visiting Barcelona could really be a breath of fresh air without spending hours on a plane.

Very easily accessible from France, it is therefore a popular destination for the French.

The price of very accessible restaurants is also a not inconsiderable point for a stay out of place without breaking the bank.

Our advice: don’t hesitate to ask “el mena del dàa” – for about 9 euros you will have a full meal.


What to do in Barcelona first?

You probably won’t have time to visit Barcelona in every corner in a few days or a weekend, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to leave with stars in your eyes.

The city is full of places so exciting that it will be easy to create unforgettable memories.

You wonder: what to do in Barcelona first? But you don’t know where to start either? Or what monuments and districts of Barcelona should not be missed under any circumstances?
So here are some ideas that will help you have a good family holiday the next time you plan to go to Barcelona.

Our advice: to reach the centre of Barcelona if you arrive by plane: get an AeroBus bus ticket. Very convenient, there are every 10 minutes and he drops you off Plaça Catalunya.


Barcelona’s most must-see landmarks

The city is full of monuments and must-sees.

However, some of them really stand out from the others. To help you get a clearer picture, here are the ones you absolutely need to visit before you finish your stay in Barcelona.

  • The Sagrada Familia that will literally take your breath away. Gaudi’s masterpiece is awe-inspiring… still under construction but the symbol of the city. So it’s impossible to miss out.
  • La Casa Mila (or La Pedrera). Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this building with its crazy architecture represents the pinnacle of modernism. Don’t forget to climb on the rooftops and terraces arranged for the view of the city amidst delirious chimneys.
  • The Casa Batllo – Myth of architecture and design, this house is a jewel and is therefore a must stop.
  • Barcelona Cathedral – A perfect example of 15th century Catalan Gothic architecture, the Cathedral illuminates the city centre with its impressive façade.
  • Thes tatue of Christophe Colomb – going down the Rambles, let you guide you to the statue. His finger is not pointing to America as one might think… You will know where the Christopher Columbus points in our children’s travel diary Barcelona.

casa Battlo in Barcelona

The best way to discover all the riches of Barcelona is to walk it and soak up the atmosphere of the city.

Our advice: be aware that taxi rides are very inexpensive. Sometimes it can be worth it, for example for the Sagrada Familia or the park of Goell which are a little out of the way.


Barcelona’s neighbourhoods to visit

Some areas of Barcelona will interest you more than others depending on your situation. Each area has its own speciality and all are full of treasures, restaurants, hotels or even very nice bars for a drink and a break.

It is a beautiful city with an intense nightlife. It is very busy at night, so don’t hesitate to go out to Barcelona when the sun goes down to discover the city from a new angle.

Here are the different districts of Barcelona not to be missed under any circumstances, if only to walk around and stock up on good addresses in the city.

  • El Centro: it’s actually the city centre of Barcelona
  • The Gothic Quarter or El Barri Gotic: for a trip to the heart of the old town
  • Barceloneta: for a break in a chirringuito of Barcelona’s famous beaches
  • El Eixample: where most of the monuments can be found
  • El Born: the trendy area for gastronomic discoveries you can make.



The city’s most exceptional places

Some places that are neither monuments nor neighborhoods deserve to be lingered on them. If you like the idea of walking the streets of Barcelona with your family and you ask yourself“What to do in Barcelona?”,then here are the exceptional visits not to be missed during your trip to Barcelona.

  • The Park goell
  • Ciutadella Park
  • The Market of The Boquera
  • The Rambles
  • Montjuïc

If you stay more than one weekend, find all our suggestions for activities in our Barcelona travel diary


Our advice: if you are visiting Barcelona for the first time, we still recommend that you prefer spring or autumn in summer. In addition to very high temperatures, in August the city is overrun with tourists and emptied of Barcelonans.


The song says ‘Barcelona tiene poder’ (Barcelona is powerful” in French), we hope this will have been the case for you. We’re waiting for your comments: have you fallen in love?

If you’re travelling with the kids, you may be interested in our article How to have a good family holiday.

To best organize your family holiday, visit the Barcelona Winkplatform. You can book your family accommodation, your tickets, your family-friendly tours, and even your menu at kids friendly restaurants.


We wish you a good stay in Barcelona. Don’t hesitate to share your good addresses with us 🙂 Put them in our comments! We’ll be happy to read you.

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