The top 5 family activities to do in Paris

Children in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

What are the must-see activities not to be missed during a family stay in Paris?

Are you planning to spend a few days in the capital and are looking for activities to do with your children?

Do you want to know very easily what activities to put in your program on your next trip to Paris?

Our article aims to list 5 must-see outings if you visit the City of Light. In this article, you will not find unusual activities or off-road beaten but rather activities that it would be a shame to miss during a stay in Paris.

Paris is full of historical, cultural and artistic places… but since it’s hard to do everything, we list our top 5.

Paris will leave your children with an unforgettable memory for sure. Are you ready to explore the capital?

For information, Disneyland Paris and Parc Asterix will not be part of our list because we will focus on Paris intramural.


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1- The Eiffel Tower

It’s impossible not to start with her!
Every year Paris attracts visitors from all over the world and not everyone spends the most part of the capital: the Eiffel Tower! It is therefore impossible not to schedule it when you visit.

For children in particular, the discovery of this monument is magical. Some have dreamed of it so much that seeing it in front of you is an exceptional moment. So this is the activity not to be missed during a stay in Paris with family!

Eiffel Tower Paris

Be aware that you don’t have to climb there (it’s best to book your ticket if you don’t want to be refused entry).
You can already enjoy it and admire it, contemplate it, photograph it from the Trocadero or from the Champs de Mars.

Try to see it during the day and then rediscover it at nightfall. Don’t miss out on a little photo shoot that will delight the whole family.
Good to know: 5 minutes at the beginning of each hour, from nightfall to 1am, the tower shines brightly.

Illuminated Eiffel Tower

If you wanted to go up there and there is no more room, a good option is theObservatory of the Montparnasse Tower from where you can observe the Iron Lady. For children under 4, admission is free.

The Eiffel Tower from the Montparnasse Tower

Also try dinner time (7pm-8pm), there are often fewer people.

In any case, pay attention to the pick pockets that are particularly rampant in this area of the capital.


2- The City of Science and Industry

In this place designed for children, our little loulous are kings! It is therefore not a museum like any other but rather a place that will allow children to make many discoveries. They will have an unforgettable memory of it as what is on offer is incredibly playful.

From 2 years old until 12 years old, the Villette will offer your children spaces really designed for them. It’s so much easier to learn while having fun!

Spending a moment there is one of the activities to do with your family during a stay in Paris. You can easily spend half a day there.

The geode of the Cité des Sciences in Paris


3- The Montmartre district

Montmartre is also one of those must-see activities during a family visit to Paris. A little difficult to access certainly (take the stroller if you are with young children), it is also a very picturesque area that will delight young and old alike.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, a little out of time. In addition, the view of Paris from the mound is stunning. Have fun spotting a particular monument!

Mirador of the Montmatre mound

If your children are budding artists, they will enjoy admiring the painters at work in the Place du Tertre.
Maybe they’ll ask you for a caricature?

Place du Tertre in Paris
illustration from WanderWorld’s Paris children’s travel diary


The Montmartre district is pedestrianised, so it will allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city. And that’s a crazy good!


4- On a boat or on a bus… or driving a subway train

– On the water

Treat yourself to a panorama of Paris but without having to walk… The dream, isn’t it? especially when you visit Paris with your family!

Several companies offer cruises on the Seine, an activity that will appeal to adults and children alike.
How nice it is to admire the City of Light as the waves go and let yourself go to daydreaming.

Some companies think especially of blonde heads by adapting their explanations and making the ride a real show.

The enchanted cruise, for example, will delight children up to the age of 10.

If you want to enjoy it at nightfall, it’s also a very good idea.

The Seine in Paris as seen at the Eiffel Tower

– On a bus

To discover the monuments and explore the city of light in a very simple way, there is nothing like tourist buses. The offer is numerous in Paris with many companies that offer this service.

Several stops are available in the city and ticket is valid for one day.

It is therefore an ideal option with the children to travel the city without exhausting them. Headphones also allow you to take advantage of the feedback.

Child who visits Paris by bus

– Driving the subway

Please be aware that lines 1 and 14 of the metro are automatic. As a result, your children can take the driver’s seat in the first car of the train. They’re going to love it!


5- The walk on the banks of the Seine

It is impossible to finish this list without mentioning the banks of the Seine. Strolling around is a must during a family holiday in Paris.

They are, byall,a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s not for nothing! Accessible on foot of course but also by bike or scooter, they will delight the whole family.

From Notre Dame to the Invalides, wonder will be at the rendezvous in front of so much beauty!

The Alexandre III Bridge in Paris

Bonus kids footballers.

For football freaks, you can also schedule a short tour of the Stade de France in Saint Denis. Very easily accessible, the visit to the stadium is not very expensive. All the news here:

It’s also a great idea to add to your list of family activities in Paris.

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