Unusual Barcelona: our 5 suggestions

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Barcelona is full of tourist spots known to all, for their architectural originality or for their natural beauty.

When you organize your stay in the Catalan capital, you will inevitably list the Sagrada Familia, a walk on the Ramblas, a visit to Casa Batllo… But Barcelona is not just that!

In this article, we propose you to think outside the box and discover an unusual Barcelona.

So we take you to discover 5 exceptional places a little unknown that Barcelona has to offer you and that are worth a visit.


1/ The Bunkers del Carmel

Not easy to access and quite off-center, the bunkers del Carmel offer, a breathtaking view of Barcelona.

The bunkers were during the civil war a strategic place, in order to defend the city from bombardment, by the republican forces. However, to this day, only the ruins remain. When the war was over, very precarious shacks were built, which eventually formed a slum.

During the 1992 Olympic Games, the Town Hall razed the houses to make it a superb lookout accessible to all

Whether they are located at an altitude of 250 metres should not put you off getting there.

It is one of the highlights of our unusual Barcelona, as thepanorama of the city is extraordinary.

Barcelona unusual cover
illustration from our Barcelona children’s travel diary

It should be noted that the best times to get there are in the morning or evening. Indeed, to be able to enjoy a sunset or a sunrise over Barcelona from this place will be unforgettable.

If you like to take pictures,this is really a great place.
Think about taking your wide angle, if you have one.


Access is free (and that’s a plus!) and you can get there 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Our advice: Prefer the late afternoon because the path to get there has little shade.
The bravest will also be able to climb there before the night ends to witness the sunrise.

Getting there: by bus with lines 24, 92, 114 or 119.
And then remember that the view is at the top of the hill… and that all roads lead to Rome. For your information, when you get to the metal steps, you’re almost there!


2- Sant Pau Hospital

Although listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997, the Sant Pau Hospital is finally little known.

Located in the El Guinardo district, it is nevertheless a magnificent building that perfectly illustrates Catalan modernism.

The architecture is beautiful, designed by catalan architect Lluus Domènech i Montaner, who imagined it as a garden city for the sick.

Built between 1903 and 1930 to replace a 15th century building, it is the largest modernist complex in Europe.


Sculptures, colourful facades, mosaics and stained glass windows are on the agenda. If you like the city’s iconic modernist architecture, with the Sant Pau Hospital you will be served.

The different parts are connected by underground corridors, don’t forget to discover them.

Our advice: the best way to discover Sant Pau is to take a guide audio guide.

All you need to know about Sant Pau to prepare for your visit.


3/ The Horta Maze

Unusual Barcelona 5
Illustration from our Barcelona children’s travel diary


On more than 9 hectares, this park includes the oldest garden in Barcelona. It is the work of a trio of Franco-Italian-Catalan artists who opened to the public in 1970.

Little known and eccentric, it is nevertheless worth its weight in gold. Indeed, the maze it has will delight both the little ones and the larger ones.

Admittedly a little less impressive than thatof Alice in Wonderland,this maze is no less beautiful.

Formed of 750 cypresses,the vegetal maze is very harmonious and full of romance.


It’s really a very nice option to escape a bit of the hustle and bustle of the city and it’s finally a bit of an unusual Barcelona in all its glory. Open all year round, but schedules vary depending on the time of year.


Our advice: this is the perfect place for a picnic. In summer, what a pleasure to find shade under the trees.
Getting there: by metro with line 3 – Mundet.


4/ El Mirador de Mundet

Contemplating the city between sea and mountain while swaying… The dream, isn’t it? An unusual Barcelona awaits you less than an hour’s walk from the Mirador de Mundet.

It goes up a bit, but it’s an easy and accessible path for the whole family.
And what a reward once at the top! The view is just amazing.

If you are looking for a panorama of the city and a bit of tranquillity, you are in the right place.

And I can tell you that, both children and parents, will enjoy it.

Obviously, some will growl during the climb but do not let go! It’s definitely worth it.

Swinging with the feeling of having the city under your feet is magical and so unique.

Our advice: go in the afternoon so you don’t have the sun in front of you. The photos will be even more successful.

Getting there: it’s best to drive to the Mirador de Mundet (also known as Mirador d’Horta). In the GPS you can indicate Carretera de Horta a Cerdanyola.
By bus (it’s possible but a bit long): Metro line 3 – Mundet

When you are in the parking lot of the watchtower, the mountain will be behind you. Take the sandy path, when it forks take a left and then continue up until you find the tree. This is not the first but the second 🙂 But above all be sure to leave the place as you found it).

5/ La Casa Vicens

Unusual Barcelona 8Gaudi’s first major work, Casa Vicens, completed in 1888, was inhabited for 130 years. That’s why she only opened one day a year!

He received this order from Manuel Vicens, who had inherited land on Sant Gervasi Street. He wanted to build a summer house there for himself and his wife.

In 2014, the Andorran bank MoraBanc bought it and undertook huge restoration work to transform the place into a museum. And now it’s done!
Since the end of 2017, you can now visit this sumptuous building,and thus complete your knowledgeof Gaudi’s work.

From the outside, you can only fall in love.

Indeed, its oriental style, its red bricks, its mosaics (azulejos) green and white, the plant motifs are beautiful.

Unusual Barcelona 9

Gaudi drew his inspiration from Nature. From palm leaves to Indian eyebed flowers, the décor is plentes and takes you on a journey.

Don’t hesitate to visit this work by Gaudi, which is part of this unusualBarcelona, a little unknown.

All information is on the Casa Vicens website: https://casavicens.org/fr/.

Getting there: by metro with Line 3 – Lesseps/Fontana



We hope that this article will have made you want to discover this unusual Barcelona,a little hidden and little known.
Tell us everything in the comments below. Do you have any other magical places in Barcelona to submit to us to complete this list?

For a first stay in Barcelona, we give you all our tips to help you visit most of Barcelona.

If you come to Barcelona with your family, our children’s travel diary has been designed so that the youngest can also be part of the stay.

children's travel diary Barcelona 1


We wish you a nice visit to Barcelona and some great family moments.
Check out our complete collection of travel books for children.

Beautiful journey and fill up with memories!





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