Visit Nantes with your family

You are planning to visit Nantes with your family,but you don’t know where to start? So this article will help you!

Being a native of Nantes myself, I am often asked the question: “What can we visit in Nantes with my family?”, “What are the must-sees of the city of the Dukes?”

I decided to make a small (non-exhaustive) list below of places that deserve you to look into it. I hope it will make you want to come… you and your tribe:-). You will tell me in comments if this article helped you prepare your visit to Nantes with your family.

We’re off to the tour!


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1- Nantes is a city where it is good to live

Located in the Loire Atlantic,Nantes is a city that has nothing to envy to the capital. It also attracts more and more tourists.

Thus, from the machines of the Island, to the Passage Pommeraye, from the Place Royale to the banks of the Loire and through the garden of plants, it offers many monuments and exceptional places whose visit will delight young and old.

On a human scale, Nantes is a city where it is good to stroll. Walking around is a small pleasure that you can simply enjoy as a family.

visit Nantes 2
The water mirror in front of the castle of the Dukes of Brittany


Moreover, the magazine L’Express has placed Nantes at the top of the list of cities where it is good to live.
Read the article here


There is a lot of talk about the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, the cathedral and of course the elephant, but these are not the only places that will make you appreciate your visit to Nantes.

On every street corner, you can discover a unique new place that makes the charm of this town of Loire-Atlantique.

A green line is painted on the ground to help visitors discover the city. Smart, isn’t it?

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Illustration from our children’s travel diary Nantes


You should also know that it may be worth getting the Family Pass on the tourist office website.
It allows unlimited travel in Nantes with public transport.

All information on the website of the Nantes Tourist Office.


2- What to visit in Nantes when you are with children?

As you can imagine, a flamboyant Gothic style dating back to the 15th century will never mark a child as much as a ride on the back of an elephant.

Visit Nantes 4


Visiting Nantes with your family also means taking into account the needs of the youngest and finding activities that please everyone. It is to understand that a visit to a building classified as a historical monument will interest them much less than a walk or a descent of a slide.

To help you make them appreciate their visit to the city,here are some places that will mark their young minds.

You can bring them a travel diary so that they feel even more involved in the stay. They will choose the activities that tempt them the most.

Children's travel diary Nantes 5
WanderWorld Children’s Travel Diary Nantes


Children's travel diary Nantes 4


– The Museum of Natural History

The Natural History Museum of the city of Nantes will leave your children speechless.

A magnificent building, full of history and with a vivarium dedicated to reptiles of all kinds, the museum delights more than 100,000 visitors each year.

Animal skeletons and spiders will certainly appeal to toddlers.

Visit Nantes 5


Very easily accessible from the centre of Nantes, it is also a great option for rainy days 🙂

If you are the head of a large family, note that you can benefit from a discounted entry. In addition, on the first Sundays of the month admission is free.

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– The machines of the island

At the crossroads between the world of Jules Verne and the industrial past of Nantes, the machines of the island will delight young and old. Sheltered in the hangars of the old shipyards, you will enjoy discovering a world as extraordinary as wacky and poetic.


Between animal and mechanical device, the 12-metre elephant imposes by its size and its trunk that sprinkles you with water for your greatest fun… especially on days when the thermometer rises.


Visit Nantes 5


Don’t miss the workshops. They are open to the public and allow to discover the place of creation and its secrets and to understand how these machines come to life.

It’s really exciting and unique in the world. Young and old won’t lose a crumb.


The carousel of the marine worlds is a magnificent sculpture, a real work of art that will make your head turn. Don’t hesitate to take part in this incredible merry-go-round.

A true tribute to the maritime aspect of the city, it is a truly family attraction that will appeal to adults and children alike.


Visit Nantes 6
Illustration from our children’s travel diary Nantes



– The castle of the Dukes of Brittany

Located in the heart of the city, the former residence of the Dukes of Brittany is an important monument in the history of Nantes.

With 500 meters of round path and 7 towers, the castle is a mecca to which the Nantes hold. Indeed, it is the symbol of the Breton identity of the city. It is home to the History Museum of Nantes,which includes a seven-sequence tour, two of which are devoted to the history of the trade and colonial port of Nantes.


Visit Nantes 7


Visiting the castle and then taking a break in the moat is a must when you come to Nantes. There are often temporary exhibitions, so remember to look at the one offered when you come.

Good to know: access to the courtyard and ramparts (the view is sublime) is free.
Access by public transit is easy. Tram stop: Duchess Anne


– The Lu Tower and the Unique Place

I guess you won’t have to talk about the Lu biscuit shop to remind your kids of their best snacks.
Showing them the other side of the scene will allow them to return with an anecdote about products they consume daily. The Lu Tower is a lively place with an unforgettable name.

Visit Nantes 8
Illustration from our children’s travel diary Nantes


The Unique Place is a cultural center that is actually the old Lu biscuit factory. So you’ll naturally enjoy going for a drink.

This is one of the must-see sites when you decide to visit Nantes with your family.

It also plays an important role in the industrial history of the city.

It is accessible from the Duchess Anne tram stop. Our advice: pair this visit with your visit to the castle.


Visit Nantes 9
Illustration from our children’s travel diary Nantes



– The Garden of Plants

No child worthy of the name refuses to walk in a garden… especially if you can find animals and a beautiful playground (top part).

From the entrance (station SNCF tram stop – North Access), the children will find the goats and can join them in the enclosure.

Remarkably maintained, it is a haven of peace in the heart of the city. Embellished with poetic and original works constantly renewed, it is worth a visit.


Visit Nantes 10


Appreciated as much by nature lovers as by friends of the beasts, the garden of plants of Nantes is a real breath of fresh air.

Namely: many places in the shade if you go there in the summer.
Let your children have fun at the playground and take advantage of the little troquet to land.



3- Visit Nantes with your family and come back with beautiful memories

Admittedly, children are not always sensitive to the charm of historical and touristic places. Nantes is a city that can nevertheless arouse their interest in these areas often neglected by the youngest.


A day spent at the Natural History Museum, an elephant ride in the middle of the city or a stopover to feed goats could indeed completely change their minds.


Visit Nantes 11


The secret to generating their interestis to associate a creative activity with these eternal memories.


Making a travel diary will allow them to keep track of this trip to Nantes while helping them to educate their creativity.
It could even be a real initiation that will launch their artistic journey, who knows?


If making a travel diary with your children tempts you, here’s an article that explains why it’s important.


We also have in our shop a children’s travel diary

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We would love to accompany you in your discovery of Nantes and its heritage.


children's travel diary nantes
Children’s travel diary to visit Nantes with family


So Nantes? When are you going?

We hope we’ve made you want to go there. Tell us everything in the comments.