Are you planning to visit Paris with your family?

Think about the travel diary to customize

To keep the children busy in a fun and creative way, while interesting them to the heritage that you will discover together, here is a nice idea to build beautiful memories!

Our children’s travel diary is both a city guide with stickers to position and ideas for activities in visual check list mode, and a logbook. To be completed and enriched by the child at his leisure notes, drawings, tickets, etc.

From the Eiffel Tower to Montmartre, from Notre-Dame to Montparnasse, from the banks of the Seine to the Fleas, just by taking the metro… Whatever your activities during your stay in the “City of Light”, visiting Paris with your family will become a new experience. Both track game and playful learning, which you will keep forever thanks to our travel diary an authentic trace.

All our travel books are available in several languages.
And we also offer a selection of assorted stationery products.

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