For a family visit to London

Think about the travel diary to customize

Visiting London with your family and keeping a memory that looks like you is possible!

You want your children to be part of the journey and
are keen to occupy them (without a screen)?

How can we interest them in the heritage you are going to discover together?

Would you like to keep track of a beautiful, authentic souvenir of your family trip to London?

notebook to visit London with family

Our London travel diary is the perfect companion to your discovery of the British capital.

First of all, it’s a nice hand-illustrated guide full of great activities for families.

Stroll between the colourful stalls of Covent GardenMarket, walk on the Greenwich meridian,admire London from the sky.

We’ve planned everything no matter what your tastes are!

Afterwards, the children will have fun positioning stickers representing the city’s must-haves in the right place on the map.

They will learn to find their way around and will be keen to discover everything: Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge…

Our London travel diary is also a real logbook. Invite your child to complete it and enrich it with notes, drawings, tickets, photos…
What a pleasure to flip through it in a few years and find all these treasures!

Finally, our travel diary will keep the little ones busy thanks to the coloring and recreationalactivities that we offer.

We wish you a fun and unforgettable family visit to London!

All our travel books are available in several languages.

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