What to do in the mountains with your family in the summer? 9 ideas for activities!

activities to do in the mountains in the summer with the family

You may know the mountain in winter, full of snowflakes and snowmen, but have you ever been there in the summer? If after several weeks of confinement you want to open, a stay in the mountains is ideal!

So you may be wondering: what activities should be included in the program of a family stay in the mountains in the summer?

For a holiday with the children, we have prepared a list of 9 ideas of activities not to be missed.

Put unforgettable landscapes and a multitude of activities as cool as each other on your summer program.

Let’s hope this list inspires you for your next vacation in the mountains… and you’ll all have beautiful memories ?.

1/ The must-see hike

what to do in the mountains with your family in the summer

A family stay in the mountains in the summer is synonymous with hiking!

Indeed, the hike offers only advantages: simple, accessible to all, rejuvenating … and free!
And there’s something for every level. Consider asking your tourist office which ones are suitable for families.

No improvisation in the mountains in the summer and especially with children!
So you need:

  • a good quality backpack,
  • enough water,
  • bandages,
  • caps, hats, bob…,
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses…

    Don’t forget the little things to nibble on. There’s nothing like dried fruit, sweets or cakes to motivate kids to move forward! On the other hand, forget about chocolate and bananas if you want to keep your bag in good condition!

Family hiking is a great way to have a good time with your kids. Away from the daily stress, take the time to exchange, tell stories, talk about your childhood…

Finally, walking in the mountains allows you to recharge your batteries and rediscover the simplest thing: the pleasure of being together.
Each at its own pace, this activity turns out to be very good for the body. This “good fatigue” will allow you to spend a quieter evening around a board game.

So put on your cap, a pair of sneakers with a good dose of sunscreen and go for it! Spending without spending is a great program.

family activity in the mountains in the summer

Tip: Remember to have a few songs in mind (or have them on your phone). It’s magical to move the troops forward in a bit of a difficult time!

2/ The bike, a faithful friend

what to do in the mountains with your family in the summer

Another way to traverse the mountain, but this time adding a little more punch is obviously the bike!
A good mountain bike allows you to have that feeling of freedom and power… and believe in the tour of France! In the marked paths fans of the little queen will be able to give it to heart.

Very often accommodations (hotels, residence, camping …) offer or rent to their guests, but you can of course also transport your own.

This will allow your kids to ride their car and play sports with your family. What could be better? In addition, by bike you can go a little further than on foot and explore more the surrounding area.

Before the age of 8, children do not have enough strength to brake properly. Therefore, we do not recommend this activity to young children.

Before you leave, think about looking for ideas for bike routes to discover the most beautiful places… and that makes it easy to find your way back.

Don’t forget your helmet and enjoy this moment close to nature all together!

Our advice: if you are afraid of the gradients, let yourself be tempted by the electric bike. Finally you can pedal in the mountains without being a yellow jersey! This allows members of the same family with different levels to go out together!

3/ Water to play and cool off

And no, seaside resorts do not have a monopoly on family swimming.
In the mountains, water is present everywhere (lakes, streams, streams, waterfalls…) It would be a shame to deprive ourselves of it!

Away from the often crowded beaches of the coast, the mountain and its fresh water stretch out your arms. So don’t forget your jersey!

In the torrents have fun creating your own pool using pebbles you’re looking for nearby. This is the activity not to be missed during a family mountain holiday in the summer.

swimming in the mountains in summer

The bravest will bathe in the natural lakes and the swimming will then be invigorating… especially after a good ride.

But in some places, artificial lakes are offered with a warmer water temperature. Sometimes the beaches are even with sand.

In summer, the mountain with your family can look like a beach!

You can come with your family and towels to enjoy a day in the sun.
Think of the ball or beach snowshoes. It will always make people happy in this situation, regardless of age.

FYI, one of the cleanest lakes in the world is Lake Annecy.

Being at the water’s edge also offers other options: a picnic,introducing children to fishing

family activity in the mountains in the summer

A summer stay in the mountains can also be the time to learn how to ricochet on the surface of the water. Who’s going to win between the kids and the parents?

Tip: don’t forget that in the mountains in summer, the sun “knocks” hard. Coat your little ones with a total screen.

4/ Sledging… Summer

If you miss the sports of sliding in the summer, some resorts allow you to wait until this winter. They offer sledging in the middle of summer to the delight of young and old.

It’s up to you to descend the slopes at full speed! Get full of sensations! Children and parents will love this activity within everyone’s reach that has been growing steadily since the 2000s.

On rails or in a bobsleigh, the thrills will be there!

Tip: summer toboggan runs are mostly available in the Alps (La Plagne, Morzine, The Sepses the 2 Alps…)

5/ Climbing

The children are agile and are good at climbing (they sometimes climb on your couch!).
A summer mountain holiday can be theperfect opportunity to experience climbing… in a safe and secure environment of course!

What to do in the mountains in the summer with your family

You can offer this activity to your children from the age of 6. The first session should be short-lived so as not to disgust your toddler.

Of course, choose easy ways to get started. As with everything, it’s best to start smoothly.

It can be practiced on different types of walls. Be aware that in many stations, artificial walls allow for first contact. Don’t hesitate to find out.

Tip: if you don’t climb yourself, it is essential to carry out this activity with a professional.

6/ Rafting: The safe bet for children

The advantage to the mountain is that there are always large water points, rather substantial most of the time. It is therefore not uncommon for nautical activitiesto be offered, one of which should please the whole family: rafting!

Both playful and sporty, rafting combines team spirit and fun. This sport has everything to seduce families on holiday in the mountains!

Armed with your paddles, you have dizzying descents that will leave you with incredible memories. Face the vertiginous descents together and discover the mountain in a different way!

No more hesitation, dress up in your best life jackets and go on an adventure!

Tip: this activity is quite expensive. Count about 25 Euros per person.

7/ Nature: a great playground

The mountain is full of a very rich nature, which is sure to attract the curiosity of your children.

You will be able to discover together wildflowers, animal burrows,follow the footprints… and pick up blackberries.

activity to do in the mountains in the summer

Nature is a great playground! A multitude of wild flowers display the mountains that you can admire as a family along your walks.

Pensez à proposer à vos enfants de réaliser un herbier. C’est une excellente distraction pour vos enfants dans la nature, il suffit de cueillir les fleurs trouvées et de les garder dans un livre afin qu’elles sèchent.

Cela leur permettra de chercher par eux même tout en s’amusant à essayer de reconnaître les différentes espèces (et créer un bouquet pour maman).

Don’t hesitate to help them in their quest, these are small moments they will not forget. In addition, they will be able to take their souvenirs home and flip through their collection whenever they want. What a great way to keep a memory of your summer with your family in the mountains!

Tip: our travel books have a page reserved to paste the little treasures of children. Don’t hesitate to make use of it!

8/ The camera for souvenirs

And we don’t mean a mobile phone, but a camera that’s used to take pictures. Without 4G or Wi-Fi, it will help you capture the best moments of your family vacation.

You can enjoy it from morning to night and let your children handle it and use it.

What to do in the mountains with your family in the summer.

During your mountain excursions, at the finish of a summit or for a spectacular view, all excuses are good to immortalize these moments. Teach your children how to frame and… to wait!

Prepare your eyes and go in search of all this flora. The mountain with the family in the summer is also to take full view!

Put your device to your neck and theirs and machine-gun. It’s time! Let your apprentice photographers research their subject, take their time… Let them surprise you.

We know the importance of photos with our children while they are still small and family holidays are the perfect opportunity. Years later you will be delighted to see these images again?.

Tip: Some cameras are really designed for kids. Having used it with my toddlers, I recommend this ideal camera for children. (this is only my opinion but I find it super suitable for small hands)

9/ Wildlife: Wonder

We have in France manywild animals hiding in the mountains and waiting for you to be part of your holiday memories.

Most remain hidden in winter away from the cold, but summer is quite another.

Groundhogs are typically the ones you can capture (pictured 🙂 ), because if in the winter they spend most of their time hibernating, you can hear their little cries across the mountain in the summer.
The best is to wait for them at dawn, it’s the perfect time for them as it’s not too hot and the predators aren’t all out yet.

Their burrows are easily recognizableand usually located in small corners of grass where the view is clear.
Once you’ve spotted a burrow, arm yourself with patience. The game is worth it: your children won’t forget this little being with long whiskers. Watch out for groundhogs is the activity not to be missed during a summer stay in the mountains.

Besides the marmots, children will give it to heart with butterflies, horses, chamois, hares

Tip: Also think about looking in the sky and in the water. You could have some nice surprises!

The mountain wins you

We hope that all these ideas will make you want to explore the mountain with your children.
By the way, here are 5 good reasons to travel with your children.

Do not hesitate to complete our selection with the activities offered to tourists at the place of your holiday (rental, holiday villages, hotels …) or at the tourist office.

Have a great holiday and make the mountain in the summer a great playground for the whole family!

Why not ask your child to keep track of it by filling out his travel diary?

The travel diary is the ideal friend to accompany children during their vacation so that they keep a personal record of their stay. We had already designed a book for winter sports.

La montagne en famille l’été c’est l’option gagnante !

Take good care of this family holiday under the sign of authenticity, sharing, wonder. We hope to have answered your question: what to do in the mountains with your family in the summer?

Happy holidays!

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