5 ideas for the family Christmas holidays in Paris

Family Christmas holiday article in Paris

Have you planned to spend your Christmas holidays with your family in Paris?

I’m so lucky. The Christmas holidays are conducive to fulnging up a good time with your loved ones and cutting a little with the frantic pace of the rest of the year.

Many of you take advantage of this period to visit Paris with your children.
It must be said that Christmas in Paris is magical!
So enjoying Paris at Christmas is a really good idea.


Here are our 5 ideas for activities to do in Paris with your children during the Christmas holidays.

Let’s go for great family moments, filled with magic and stars in the eyes of your toddlers.


Christmas lights



This is an activity that costs nothing but will, for sure, amaze your children.

Because spending Christmas with your family in Paris means enjoying a thousand lights for the pleasure of young and old.

Since the end of November, the capital has been releasing garlands, glittering balls, incredibly well decorated fir trees, fairy-tale decorations … to our delight.

It is the illumination of the Champs Elysees that gives the top start.

All the districts of Paris are redoubling their efforts and creativity to put our eyes on it.

Cover up, wrap up your kids and go for a walk in the city of light!

The Paris by night at this I-don’t know-what that will certainly leave unforgettable memories in the memory of your little ones.

Since it’s winter, Paris by night doesn’t rhyme with late bedtimes.
Indeed, from 5:30 p.m. we can talk about “by night” and therefore enjoy all that the magic of Paris to offer us.

In addition to the Champs Elysees, we especially recommend that you admire the Christmas decorations ofAvenue Montaigne, Place Vendôme, the Saint Germain des Prés and Bercy Village district.
They really put the package every year to put us in full view. Their decorations are worth a visit, you will not be disappointed.

Boulevard Haussman is also a must in terms of illuminations … which will take you to the department store windows.


Our advice 😀 give your toddlers a camera, they will give it to heart.
You will thus keep a beautiful memory of this Christmas in Paris. You can stick it in your souvenir notebook of travel to Paris :-).


The windows of department stores

Family Paris at Christmas


The Boulevard des Grands Magasins shines brightly for the millions of tourists and Parisians who come to shop for Christmas.

The windows of Spring and Galeries Lafayette compete with inventiveness to surprise and amaze young and old alike.

Indeed, the articulated automatons, the beautiful decorations will leave your children speechless.

Everything has been designed for the children: small benches allow them to stand in front of the window… and even stick their noses in it.
Don’t hesitate to let them sneak in front of the big people. Be careful, however, not to lose sight of them.

The real magic of Christmas and, of course, hours of artist work emerge from these windows.

Our advice:
Avoid the weekend if you can because the crowds are really dense.
Try to avoid going there in the evening, the places are crowded while during the day the scenery is just as incredible.


A festival of light at the Jardin des Plantes (Christmas 2018)

As soon as night falls, the Garden of Plants offers a wonderful festival of light that is both magical and poetic.

In the glow of gigantic luminous animals (some 15 meters high), you embark as a family for an unusual and unforgettable night walk.

The exhibition aims to make children understand the importance of preserving the flora and fauna of our planet.

Creatures that disappeared millions of years ago rub shoulders with species that are currently endangered.
You can admire a white shark more than 30 meters in length, which will make the happiness or horror of your toddlers :-).


Paris with family during the Christmas holidays


During the walk, you will enjoy shows accessible to all ages on the theme of Nature.
In addition, children will be able to participate in workshops to build their own lantern.

Access to the menagerie is also possible.

Children will be enchanted by this unique and luminous experience (in both senses of the word).

It’s really a nice activity to do during this family Christmas holiday in Paris. There is no age to awaken our children to the preservation of our planet.

Open from 6 p.m., it’s an activity accessible to young children.

The exhibition is open until 15 January 2019 but beware because on 24 December the Garden of Plants will be closed.

Our advice: plan your visit by buying your ticket online.
Choose a visit during the week or on weekends, but after 8:30 p.m.


All information on mnhn.fr’s website.

Sliding sports


During the Christmas holidays,Paris thinks of all those who will not go to winter sports.
The capital offers several alternatives to skiing. Put on your skates and treat yourself to some great family slides!

The Grand Palais ice rink

Christmas in Paris with family

An ephemeral ice rink is installed in the heart of a place steeped in history for the fourth year.
The family slides under the sublime glass roof of the Grand Palais, transformed for the occasion into the largest ice rink in the world.

The ice rink will welcome you regardless of your level from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Come and have fun every day on 2,700 square metres of ice. Admission, however, is paid.

The ice rink has a children’s area so they can skate safely.

Our advice:
If you go with teenagers, the ice rink offers beautiful light games from 8 p.m.
Faceted balls and play of lights create an unforgettable festive atmosphere.

All information on the Grand Palais website.

The ice rink of the Arch of Defense

Skating while enjoying a panoramic view of Paris is the promise of this incredibly well-located ice rink! On the roof of the Grande Arche de la Défense, a business district, the ice rink welcomes you during your Christmas holidays with your family in Paris.

At 110 meters high on the renovated rooftop, the view is stunning. The sensations will be there!

Think about your camera, it would be a shame not to give yourself a little selfie.

Access to the ice rink is included in the price of access to the rooftop (12 euros for adults, 7 euros for children).

Beware for the pros of the slide: the coating is synthetic.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a different point of view on Paris, you will not be disappointed.


The ice rink of the Forum des Halles

Under the canopy, you will find a real festive atmosphere.

Fifty chalets are grouped in small Christmas market and present all kinds of handicrafts. You will also find small delicacies.

Christmas in Paris with family


A gigantic fir tree more than 20 meters high sits in the middle of the patio fully decorated for the holiday season.
You can tell your children that this is the largest tree in Paris.

There is also a small ice rink for children and parents alike.
Accessible only on weekday afternoons, it opens from 10 a.m. on weekends.


The Tuileries Garden also offers a 1200 m2 ice rink so you can enjoy the pleasures of ice sports with your family.


Find Santa Claus

Topic of the utmost importance for our children: where to find Santa Claus in Paris?



Very busy during the holidays, Santa still manages to free up time to meet the children.

If you’re in Paris before Christmas and your kids have mail to give it to him, here are the places you can find it:

– On the 5th floor of Galeries Lafayette Boulevard Haussmann

– Every afternoon on the forecourt of Paris City Hall

– at BHV and Spring Haussman on Wednesdays and weekends

Our advice: watch out for the hustle and bustle that can sometimes frighten the little ones.
Try to go there in the morning instead.


We hope to have enlightened you onwhat to do in Paris with your family during the Christmas holidays.

We wish you a beautiful holiday in Paris and a nice family time.

Besides, if you are keen to keep a nice memory of this stay in Paris at Christmas,we invite you to discover our children’s travel diary.

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