New York: our 10 must-sees with kids

WanderWorld New York children's travel diary

In recent years, New York has been a very fashionable destination and popular with tourists.

Do you also want to discover New York with the kids? You’re right because New York is full of fascinating and unforgettable experiences that are perfectly suited to families!

Visiting a big city like New York as a family is quite possible.

First of all, from a security point of view, Manhattan is very safe (including metro). In addition, everything is very accessible with a stroller because the sidewalks are wide and the metro stations very often have an elevator.

Children are also welcome in restaurants with mostly adapted menus and toys made available.

But listing things to see and visiting in New York can quickly become a real headache as the offer is huge!

Where to start? How do you not miss anything?

Here’s our list of the 10 must-sees for a family trip to New York. It should make it easier for you!

Who says New York isn’t a kids friendly destination? Follow us, you won’t regret it!


Find here our New York travel diary designed for family travel


1-The Statue of Liberty.

New York family - Statue of Liberty
Illustration from our New York children’s travel diary


A magnificent work by Batholdi, the Statue of Liberty is a gift from the French people to the United States. As it is emblematic of the city, it is the unforgettable activity to do in New York with the children.

Located on Liberty Island south of Manhattan, to get there you have to take the boat. And just the ferry trip is worth a visit, the
view from the skyline is beautiful.

You can board from Battery Park or from Liberty State Park in New Jersey where there are fewer people. Ferries depart every 30 minutes. All information is on the statue Cruises companypage.

What is certain is that young and old will love this 30 minute crossing so the view is amazing.

If you want to access the crown, you will need to climb 400 spiral steps. The view of Manhattan is obviously splendid but remember to book your tickets well in advance.

Our advice: if you go there in the winter, be sure to cover yourself. It can be really very cold, which can spoil the trip.
And if you can, go early in the morning to avoid the queues. If you arrive from France, go there the first morning after arriving in New York. Jet lag works in your favor.


2- Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum

After re-boarding from Liberty Island, take the opportunity to stop at Ellis Island.

Twelve million people, mainly from Europe, passed through this place before arriving in the United States.

Walking in the footsteps of the first arrivals in New York is exciting from a historical point of view but also from a human point of view.

The museum is truly human-sized and accessible for all ages. So it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

Check out all the practical information about Ellis Islandhere.

Our advice: don’t hesitate to ask for the audioguide. It is even suitable for children aged 6 to 10 and it is free.


3- Central Park

New York family Central Park


This may not be the place to do first during a stay in New York, but the city’s true green lung, Central Park is ideal for taking a break.
In rollerblading, horse-drawn carriage, bike or foot, Central Park reaches out and changes skyscrapers. You’d be wrong to deprive yourself. And the whole family is going to love it.

In winter, you can even go ice skating and in summer a boat ride! Either way, Central Park won’t disappoint.

Hundreds of squirrels occupy the park, the favorite activity of the little ones (and adults) will be to try to approach it. And why not take a picture of it?

Don’t forget to go and find the statue ofAlice in Wonderland. It is located at the intersection of5th Avenue and 74th Street.

This remains for us a must of a stay in New York with the children which is, in addition, … Free.

Our advice: restaurants in New York are quite expensive, weather permitting take advantage of Central Park to improvise a picnic on the grass.


4- The High Line

Park hanging over the city, we can only recommend it if you visit New York with the kids.

In addition access is free!

New York Family High Line
Illustration from our New York children’s travel diary


Parallel to the Hudson River, the High Line is, in fact, an old railway. It is perfectly suited for a family walk as it is totally reserved for pedestrians. So you can let your toddlers walk around as they wish.

With lots of nest boxes, invite children to observe the birds.

Uncover the street workstogether all along.

Accessible from more than 11 entrances and 2 km long, it offers a beautiful view of the city.

You can take it both ways. You can also get out whenever you want (or when the kids will be tired!).
That’s a big positive when you’re visiting New York with the kids.

New York family - High line


Our advice: not all access is available for strollers. Check the map and information on theHigh Line website.
Download the app to find out and not lose anything from the activities offered on the route.


5- The Empire State Building

New York Family Empire State Building
Illustration from our New York children’s travel diary


This may be one of the activities to put at the top of your list. Indeed, how can you be in New York without missing out on this skyscraper? A mythical attraction of the city,it rises to 400 m high.

However, we recommend that you limit yourself to seeing it from the street or at the entrance to the ground floor. And it’s already impressive!

The other observatory (Top of the Rocks) seems more suited to us. And given the rates, only one of the two attractions is probably sufficient.

Our advice: if you decide to go up there, go there in the morning (they open at 8 a.m.). Indeed, the queue can be long and with the children it can turn into a nightmare.


6- The top of the Rocks

Located on the 70th floor of Rockefeller Center,Top of The Rock offers the most incredible view of New York City. No matter how old you are, you’ll be blown away!

Indeed, the view is really spectacular since you can see it … Empire State Building:-).

Children will also be more comfortable walking than at the Empire State Building as the terraces are wider.

Our advice: go in the late afternoon. So you can enjoy the daytime view and when the sun goes down. Just to get your eyes full before you go to dinner or go to bed!


7 – The Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge and New York with kids
WanderWorld Children’s Travel Diary

Located at the bottom of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the must-sees of a family visit to New York.

This bridge connects the neighborhoods of Manhattan to Brooklyn. It is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the whole country but also one of the most famous.

Crossing it is an activity that should not be missed. About 2 kilometres long, it will allow you to admire a splendid view of the skyline. Don’t forget your camera!

Our advice: be careful to stay on the pedestrian zone. On the bike lane, some go very fast.
If you arrive on an afternoon flight, going for a walk can be a great idea. The kids will let off steam and you’ll have a great sunset over Manhattan.


8- Times Square

Visiting New York with children - Time Square
Illustration from our New York children’s travel diary


It’s impossible not to be fascinated by the atmosphere of Times Square!
All these lights, these advertising signs will dazzle your children. That’s for sure!

So it’s a must-see for your family trip to New York.

If you can, go for a walk to the gigantic store that is worth a visit. The wall is composed of nearly 80 tubes of different kinds of chocolate. It’s hard to resist!

Our advice: there can be a lot of people. Don’t hesitate to climb the stairs and sit at the top to feel the atmosphere that emerges from the square without risking losing a child on the way!


9 – The Intrepid – Air Space Museum

The only museum built on an aircraft carrier, it will certainly please your children.

They will, in fact, take full view and end up thinking they’re a Marine.

Kids will love discovering the first space shuttle, supersonic planes and the Ride in the Cold War submarine (and so are you!).

Our advice: take 5 minutes to admire the view of Manhattan which is really nice.


10 – The Natural History Museum


Visiting New York with children - the Natural History Museum
Illustration from our New York children’s travel diary


Featuring an impressive collection of dinosaurs of all kinds, this museum will fascinate your children. They’re going to feel like they’re replaying scenes from the movie “Night at the Museum”.

Spread over 5 floors, the museum is huge and offers an audio guide.
All the rooms are interesting, so it is difficult to make a selection because it depends on the tastes of each.


Our advice: visiting with young children can be a bit long. Select the rooms you absolutely want to see. So you won’t be disappointed if the kids want to go out before you’ve seen it all.


Our good plans:

To discover New York from the inside, we recommend New York Private which offers guided tours.

Laurène Hamilton, the founder, knows how to adapt to young and old alike. For a discovery the Big Apple playful and activities corresponding to your desire contact New York Private.

If you’re going to the chance to visit New York during Halloween, there’s a guided tour of the city in French that offers to decorate your pumpkin… like an American.

This is an activity designed for children but one that will please the whole family! Visit their website, which is also full of practical information to discover New York.




Visiting New York with your family is still quite expensive.
So keep in mind that the vast majority of places are free for children under 6 years old.

If you’re planning to visit New York with the kids, don’t forget to slip our New York children’s travel diary into your purse.

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How about you? What are your favorites in New York? We can’t wait to read you.


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