6 reasons for a child to write a travel diary

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At first glance, inviting (or encouraging – do we understand each other is not?) a child to keep a diary of his journey is not obvious. Indeed, some will tend to associate it with the school register and may be resistant.

Probably the best way to make children want to write their travel diary is to make one yourself.
If they see you doing one or have the chance to flip through the one(or those 🙂) that you made as a child, it will motivate them all the more to do the same.
But not all parents have that motivation!

And yet, giving a child the opportunity to write the diary of his journey is a real gift you give him.

It’s not just an object that needs to be blackened at any cost. It is above all the testimony of an adventure,of a slice of life. Whether you’re going to the other side of the world or on weekends a few miles from home!

So here are the 6 reasons why, proposing to a child to write a diary of his trip is a great idea… for him but also for you :-).

You will find that children get caught up in the game pretty quickly, and it’s worth it.


1/ Record your memories and emotions

Writing a travel diary is above all to make sure you keep a unique and authentic record of your journey. A personalized medium thatallows to immortalize memories and engrave these moments a little “out of time” in marble.

I personally always made notebooks of my travels when I was a child. Here are some of the leaves:

child travel diary cover

children's holiday travel diary

children's travel diary bets


What a joy to be able to leaf through them again for years (What am I saying? … decades) afterwards.

Although it was my parents who encouraged me to write my first travel diary, it became a habit.

In fact, today I own a few dozen. When I read them again, I realize that I was really indulging in them.
During my 2-month trip to a family in Peru, at the age of 16, my travel diary also became a confidant, a companion. Far from just a logbook!

To fill your travel diary with your own hands is to make sure you find your memories intact and alive years later.

A travel diary is an object impossible to throw away, an object that is kept for therest of one’s life… and that goes through the generations.


2/ Occupying children

Just because the weather is dreary doesn’t mean you have to let kids rush to the screens!

In case of bad weather, of course you will be blessed to have taken with you a travel diary.

Having it in your bag, at your fingertips,when waiting at airports at restaurants or during train journeys will also save you the bet!

Occupying children during the holidays can sometimes be a real headache. We, as parents, also need to feel like we are on vacation.


Providing the child with a travel diary to fill out is also to be able to give himself a little time to take a book or a moment in love.

You can find in this article all our tips for a good family holiday.

In this regard, did you know that more than 4 million holiday books (French specificity!) are sold each year, the first edition of which dates back to 1935. It’s probably not for nothing?

Taking advantage of a trip to fill a logbook allows, the air of nothing, the child to work writing, geography, natural sciences …



3/ Remember information

Benjamin Franklin said, “You tell me, I forget. You teach me, I remember. You involve me, I learn.” A child’s ability to maintain concentration is fragile. Indeed, during a theoretical presentation, after 10 minutes, the child will tend to drop out.

Keeping your own travel diary will make it easier and longer for a child to retain information.

With a travel diary, the child goes to discover the heritage, the culture, nature proper to a destination.

If he is the one who goes in search of the elements, it will be easier for him not to forget them.

virgin travel book currency country

In addition, writing them is also a great way not to erase them from one’s memory.

For example, my son remembers 7 after “Hello” in Fijian called himself “Bula”.

This aspect seems basic and obvious and yet it is far from negligible.


4/ Stimulating creativity

Keeping a diary of your tripencourages a child’s creativity. It offers him the opportunity to try other forms of expression, without judgment, without note… far from the school register.

Writing a travel diary is also giving free rein to one’s imagination,releasing one’s emotions and feelings through drawing or writing.

And keep in mind that creativity is developing. So even if you consider your child not “a creative,” take advantage of a trip to fill out his travel diary. Let it surprise you… and surprise each other.

Creativity contributes to children’s development,improves their concentration, their ability to express… and self-esteem.

Tell your child that it is for him that he makes this travel diary, no one will judge him.
Let him feel free to express himself as he feels.


5/ Sparking a moment of sharing

Writing a children’s travel diary should not become an ordeal, an obligation or, worse, a punishment.

Don’t make it look for perfection, perfect writing and without scratches or misspellings. Instead, ask him: “When you grow up, what would you like not to forget about our trip?”.

It is essential that it remains a pleasure…. a pleasure that can be shared with others like coloring this map of the world of the countries visited(or those we dream of visiting).

virgin travel diary world map


Writing a travel diary is also an opportunity to communicate with your children.
Indeed, parents are sometimes asked to the rescue: “Can you tell me the name of the restaurant where we ate this delicious paella?” or “Dad, can you give me back the name of this tree that we discovered at the botanical route?” …

On my children’s first travel diary (5 and 8 years old), I, for example, wrote the words in English.

The travel diary is obviously a personal record of his journey. But it is also a medium that can be shared with others. Showing it to his loved ones on his return is a real moment of complicity and it is a starting point to talk about the trip.

If, however, the child is reluctant to show it, do not insist.


6/ Involve the child in the journey

Offering to ask your child to fill out his own travel diary allows him to take a more active part in the stay.
For a trip to be successful, the ideal is for him to feel like an actor (mom’s word!).

Offering your child a diary of their trip will help to get your attention. But alsoto sharpen his sense of observation.

Children's travel diary Nantes 3


When to make it?

We advise not to wait for the return home. Indeed, a travel diary filled out once the trip is over will necessarily be less authentic and spontaneous.

A good idea is to start it during the trip and fine-tune it once you get home. It also allows the child a work of memory, introspection… (andincidentally give us time to put some washing machines).


Nothing is more precious than a trace of his travels. And when a travel diary is written by a child, the treasure is all the more priceless because it is authentic.

Do you think you can embark on this adventure?

Do you have any doubts left? Tell yourself that in a few years, your child will be so happy to read it again that he will say thank you (you can take my word for it!).

Find our blank travel diary on our shop and slip it into the suitcase of the little aspiring travelers around you!

They could do wonders … that they will be so happy to be back as adults.

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WanderWorld Virgin Travel Diary

I wish you great adventures!



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