Discover Paris and its monuments with Flyview

discover Paris and its monuments with Flyview cover

Who has never dreamed of being able to fly over the most beautiful city in the world?

A few days ago, I tested the new virtual reality attraction and was able to discover Paris and its monuments with FlyView and was able to walk in the Parisian sky comfortably installed. Being able to fly over the city and its monuments with a 360 degree view is simply awesome.

I really had an unforgettable time and my kids loved this moment that combines sensations, technology and… Culture. I’ll tell you all about it in this article.

Immediate boarding!


What is FlyView?

After 3 years of preparation, FlyView, a brand new kind of activity, opened its doors in early April 2018.
Located just a stone’s throw from the Opera House, in a brand new airport setting, this new attraction enriches the playful and cultural offering of the Paris square.

It’s a fun and original way to discover the monuments of Paris,that’s why I really wanted to try it. Even if of course, nothing replaces a “real” visit to these monuments, I would say that this attraction is a good complement.

The inventor of this concept, Arnaud Houette, dreamed of flying and seeing the world from above. So he created FlyView first to realize a childhood dream and then decided… to share it with the largest number of Parisians and visitors to the capital.

To make this ambitious project a reality, it was necessary to combine ingenuity and cutting-edge technologies. A hundred people participated in the creation of this technological feat unique in the world.
A drone, equipped with 7 cameras, flew over the city and filmed the most beautiful monuments of the capital.

Then fifty simulators were custom-made to give us the impression and all the sensations of flying over jetpack equipped with an HTC virtual reality headset.

For me it’s a successful mission: it’s like! The sensations are there … and the strand of poetry too:-).


The route

From the entrance, it feels like the lobby of an airport with ticket offices, screens, boarding counters and stewards and stewardesses…

First, we check our boarding pass and then we are accompanied to the boarding room.


We enter a room with about twenty other passengers where the safety instructions are given to us by a hostess.
Children listen religiously even if you feel an excitement tinged with a little anguish.

When everyone is ready, the captain gives the top start from his screen. So we can go back into the room for takeoff. I then see a smile on the face of my children (especially my teenagers!).

Helmet on the head, seat belt around the waist, mounted on our jetpack, we are off for a 15-minute journey over the City of Light.


The machine starts to vibrate and we begin our ascent to the roof of the building. That’s when the jetpack accelerates and the walk over the rooftops of Paris can begin.

It is a real poetic walk to rediscover the Place de la Concorde and to see the obelisk so closely, to fly over the Champs Elysees,the quays of the Seine,to pass under the Arc de Triomphe,… You really feel like you’re flying and you’d like it to don’t stop. Quiet and quiet flying moments alternate with accelerations and more spectacular images.

The music is at the rendezvous and adds to the splendor of the images. The flyover of the Seine to music by Edith Piaf gave me goosebumps…

Discovering Paris and its monuments with Flyview is also emotion and I didn’t expect it at all.

The view from inside the Eiffel Tower is unique and truly beautiful.
However, what struck me the most and moved me was the flyover of Notre Dame. Indeed, from gargoyles to gargoyles, we measure all the beauty of architecture: it’s simply grandiose.

In total, some twenty monumentsare rediscovered, in close proximity or low altitude.


As someone who is prone to vertigo, I did not experience any unpleasant sensations and was rather comfortable throughout the attraction.
I even managed to look down when you are at the top of the Eiffel Tower and it is true that the view is impressive.


My impressions

The most:

– proximity to the monuments. Indeed, seeing them so much in detail is really impressive (Our Lady especially). These are not 3D images but real video images that for me really make a difference.

– during the flyover some people give us signs, see us … this interaction adds to the impression of reality.

– it is true that the images are pixelated (even if we are at the top of the current technology) but we are warned as soon as boarding which makes it not surprising.

-the helmet perfectly follows our movements, we can really look in the direction we want.

– jetpack simulators are built in France 🙂

The least:

– Montmartre is missing. I really expected to take a look around.

– It would have been nice to take advantage of the viewer’s attention to inform him a little. When you think about it, some tourists don’t know what monuments they’re flying over.


Practical info

Open 7 days a week
One-time rate of €15

Minimum size: 1.20m
Not recommended for pregnant women

30 15th Street Four September – Opera Square (75002)
Subway: Opera House

All information on:


We really took our eyes off it, with flying sensations very close to reality. We lived, as a family, a moment of emotion, poetic, enjoying spectacular views of Paris.

Discovering Paris and its monuments with Flyview is a fun and original activity to live with your family. An activity not reserved for tourists, Parisians also take full use of the mirettes. It’s a great idea to go out for bad weather days when you don’t know what to do with the kids.

How do you get children interested in heritage?

In this article, on museums with children,we gave you some leads, but we are taking your tips and tricks.

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