Are you planning a family trip?

Think about the travel diary to customize

To keep children busy in afun and creativeway when you go on a family vacation, the travel diary is a really smart idea.

First of all, it will allow you to interest the small aspiring travelers to the heritage (natural, gastronomic, historical) that you will discover together.

Travelling with your family is the perfect opportunity to open your children to the world around them.

WanderWorld children's travel diary 5

But the WanderWorld travel diary is also a kind of diary that your child can, as the trip progresses, enrich and complete as he pleases.
Who was with me on this trip?
What was the weather like?
What were the best moments of the trip?

He will be able to stick his tickets, photos, all the little treasures he has gleaned…
The WanderWorld travel diary is as much a nice activity book as a real logbook… that we keep as a souvenir.

WanderWorld travel diary tickets page

Plus, it’s accompanied by a sticker board that kids love!

And we’ve obviously slipped pages of games and coloring. It’s perfect for rainy days (it happens), quiet times, restaurant expectations…

WanderWorld travel book coloring page

For well-kept holiday memories

Fill out a travel diary… there is nothing like it to keep a lasting and personalized record of all these shared moments with the family!

Whatever your activities during your stay in the city, region or country you visit, going on a family vacation will become a new experience. And thanks to our travel diary, you and your children will keep an authentic recordof it forever.

Our blank travel diary to fill will happily adapt to all your destinations.

WanderWorld travel diary in France with stickers for children

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We also offer a wide selection of travel books dedicated to a particular city (Paris, Lyon, London, New York, Venice, Barcelona, Nantes, Bordeaux, etc.).

Keep a vivid memory of your family vacation!

And take good care of all these travel memories, they are precious!

Our travel diaries are available in several languages.
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