What to visit in Bordeaux with your family

visit Bordeaux with your family

What to visit in Bordeaux with your family,is the question you may have asked yourself if you are thinking of coming to visit the city with your children.

This city has the wind in its sails and you are planning to go there, but you don’t know where to start?

We have selected for you some of the must-sees,which you will find in our children’s travel diary Bordeaux.


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1/ Bordeaux: the fashionable city

The one that used to be called “the sleeping beauty” woke up. In recent years, the city of Bordeaux has enjoyed an impressive track record.

Indeed, it was voted the best European destination in 2015. It is also the unmissable city in the Lonely Planet ranking.


In addition, according to L’Express, Bordeaux has been named as one of thebest cities to live and work in.

Here are all good reasons to discover the city and its region with your children.

The city of Bordeaux has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2007. Some also call it Petit Paris as its architecture resembles that of the French capital.

The city of Bordeaux is also an excellent drop-off point for exploring the rest of the region and discovering vineyards and other exceptional landscapes that will also appeal to toddlers.

What to visit in Bordeaux with your children? Let’s go! Follow you!


2/ The must-sees

– The Place de la Bourse

Originally called Place Royale, the Place de la Bourse is both a place full of history and culture.

Consisting of two buildings that frame a third, it has in the center a sublime fountain representing the 3 daughters of Zeus.

It was redesigned in 2004 to become a pedestrian, it is a real pleasure to stroll with family, in complete safety.

The water mirror on the docks opposite will certainly delight your children. Huge playground, it’s a real joy in summer to see them (and not that… the older ones also take part in the game) having fun.

The water thus sprayed can reach 2 m in height! For hot days, it’s THE solution to cool off!

Our advice:
Try to go twice: during the day and at night (children love these “by night” walks). Night lighting makes it even more magical.


Illustration from our WanderWorld children’s travel diary

– Taste a fluted

If your children are sweet beaks, it is essential to make them taste with flute. This caramelized Bordeaux speciality with the aroma of vanilla and rum has a very characteristic shape and a must for small gourmets.

It is easy to find in the city. There’s no escaping it.

Our advice:
One of the institutions is located at number 5 St. Catherine Street. This is the Copper Toque.
The news is here: https://www.la-toque-cuivree.fr/boutique/bordeaux-sainte-catherine

Take the opportunity to take a shopping break while your children enjoy the delicious Bordeaux speciality.

The largest pedestrian and shopping thoroughfarein Europe, St. Catherine Street stretches for more than 1 kilometre.

Located in the centre of Bordeaux,it is one of two axes that cross the historic part of the city. Indeed, it connects two important squares of Bordeaux: the Place de la Comedy to the Place de la Victoire.

In addition to the shops, you will find troquets, restaurants…
It’s a must when visiting Bordeaux… a must for moms to recognize 🙂



– The City of Wine

As the name suggests, La Cité du Vin is both a cultural leisure site dedicated to wine but also a real place of life and discovery that will also interest children.

Not reserved exclusively for adults, the visitor is invited to travel around the world, into history, civilizations and cultures.

The vine-shaped architecture is remarkable and your children will be delighted to take a picture of it.

This is truly a must in Bordeaux,which is still the wine capital of the world.



Our advice:
If you want to introduce your children to the world of wine in a fun way, consider the wine and trading museum.

In the Chartrons district, this museum is very interesting for young and old alike.
All the information here: https://www.zu-leguide.com/lieu/musee-enfant/.


– Make your market to Capuchins

The Capuchin market is the largest market in Bordeaux and also one of the oldest.

Located in the Saint Michel district, you will find all trades: butchers, bakers, oyster farmers, butchers, cheese makers, market gardeners, fishmongers, chocolatiers…

True popular market,it is open every day except Monday morning.

Children will enjoy walking between the stalls to discover hidden treasures.

what to visit in Bordeaux - market stalls
Illustration from our WanderWorld children’s travel diary


3/ Discovering the city differently

Bordeaux is a city that can be easily visited on foot or by tram. In addition, the climatic conditions are generally quite mild. Everything comes together to make it an easy destination for family discovers.

We asked Myriam, founder of Zu le Guide (the 100 kids friendly guide from Bordeaux and its surroundings) to give us some leads.

So here are two suggestions for a slightly different tour of the city.


a) Bordeaux by bicycle

We can only recommend that you explore the city by bike (or scooter) along the quays. The kids love it!

Take the time to get lost in the old town.

You will have the opportunity toadmire monuments such as the great theatre, the Cailhau Gate,the Place des Quinconces, the Pey-Berland tower, the big bell…
All these monuments of Bordeaux’s heritage are obviously included in our children’s travel diary.
Your toddlers will love sticking their sticker on the card where it should be…


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Our advice:
We particularly recommend the St Pierre and St Michel districts. They’re worth a visit!

The city has a self-service bike offering. This is VCub with 175 stations spread over Bordeaux and the metropolis and more than 1,800 accessible bikes. All the information is here: https://www.infotbm.com/fr/mode/v3.

We wish you a nice family walk!


b) From the Garonne

Enjoying the view from the Garonne by offering a cruise is a great idea to discover the city in a different way.

With the children,taking a boat ride is a great idea to discover Bordeaux from a different angle.

You can admire the stone bridge, the Place de la Bourse, the water mirror and the Chaban-Delmas bridge.

Some cruises are commented on, you will learn lots of exciting things about the city. We promise that the children will be delighted with the experience.

than visiting Bordeaux la Garonne
Illustration from our WanderWorld children’s travel diary


4/ More original suggestions

And also… To extend your stay in the area you will be spoilt for choice:

– For the grown-ups: walks in the Bordeaux vineyards and visits to castles that offer walks and hikes in the vineyards.

– Visit the vineyard of Saint-Emilion,also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, by bike, on foot or by car along a route labelled “Vignobles and Discoveries”.
The village of Saint-Emilion is a beautiful medieval city open all year round to adventurers, wine lovers or just curious.


Illustration from bordeaux children’s travel diary


– The Pilat dune, the Arcachon Basin, Cape Ferret… So many destinations that make you dream!

Climbing to the top of Europe’s tallest dune to admire a unique panorama of the Arcachon Basin, it remains an unforgettable memory for young and old alike!

– Eating in an oyster shack in one of the villages of Cape Ferret is THE postcard of the peninsula of Lège-Cap-Ferret.


You will long remember this getaway just an hour from Bordeaux!

If you are lucky enough to stay in the area with your family for a few days, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to this little trip.


5/ What to do in case of rain?

For rainy days (this can happen!), know that the largest climbing room in France is in Bordeaux.

Open to all, this 2400 m2 complex is accessible for children as young as 3 years old.

This is the perfect place to let off steam while staying safe.

All the information is here: https://bordeaux-merignac.climb-up.fr/.


Are you in love with the city? We can’t wait to read your impressions and best memories of your trip to Bordeaux.



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Find our children’s travel diary designed to visit Bordeaux with your
It allows children to discover the city while having fun but it also allows you to keep a nice memory of your trip.


What to visit in Bordeaux with your family? If you have any good plans to share with us, please comment on them.

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