Why make a travel diary with your children?

Because making a travel diary with your childrenis simply the assurance of keeping a lasting and unique memory of your travels.

Going on a family trip is a great opportunity to venture off the beaten track, away from the deadly routine of the rest of the year.

It’s a privileged and rare moment, ideal to share unforgettable moments with your children(and incidentally, away from the screens – we understand each other, don’t we?)

Of course, you want to keep nice traces of these moments lived together, to remember them long after…

That’s why making a family travel diary with your children is a magical idea.

At the same time playful and educational, original and inspiring, which will allow them to let go of their imagination…

Even with a simple little notebook that you will fill as you go, with several hands, you will have a wonderful support to keep beautiful memories, taken on the spot.


children's travel diary


1. The 8 Right Reasons to Make a Travel Diary

1) Start creating a “holiday roadmap” to tell your best memories day after day? First of all, it’s an opportunity to get together arounda beautiful family project.

2) Creating a travel diary with your own hands is an easy-to-access activity for everyone. And no matter how old you are and your children. Even small, we can involve them in one way or another.

3) It is also a friendlyactivity, focused on sharing and exchange, including within the siblings.

4) Finally it is a practicalactivity, which adapts to any trip. From a weekend getaway to a trip around the world.

5) Making a travel diary is also very affordable financially, no need for big budget! In addition, the object is small,parents and children can easily carry it in a bag.

6) It is above all a great way to occupy the troops on days without a scheduled visit. But also when waiting at airports, or in case of bad weather… (Justthat reason should be enough to convince you!)

7) Filling out a souvenir book taken on the spot allows toddlers tobe kept away from screens and to offer them a creative activity instead.

8) Children will be able to keep a personalized record of their family travels. They will have the opportunity to flip through these pages years later. And show them to the friends, telling them about their adventures.


Besides, we bet that he doesn’t just have the children who will enjoy it?

virgin travel diary world map
WanderWorld Virgin Travel Diary


2. What support to make a travel diary?

How to make a nice and originaltravel diary, while asking the youngest to participate in the creation of this album?

In practice, there are two options available to you:


The blank notebook

You can start from a simple completely blank notebook, and turn it into a beautiful notebook, full of memories.

Just think of scrapbookingtechniques. Invite children to stick stickers, cut out articles in local magazines. Provide felts, masking tape, glue, etc.

If you choose this option, then choose a binder and good quality paper book. The binding system will tear up children’s failed tests… The idea remains in the end to have in the hands of a beautiful guide of the (small) globetrotter.

A logbook should remain pleasant to flip through, even years later…

In order to remember a beautiful family memory like this, it will be necessary to convince the children to apply themselves. Not necessarily simple at the moment, but they themselves must be able to be proud to show their achievements when they grow up!


make a travel diary 4
My son’s travel diary at 6 years old to explain the volcano of Hawaii!


The notebook ready to fill

Are you afraid of white leaf syndrome?

In this case, opt for a notebook with an existing frame. You will have a beautiful book that will remain largely customizable, organized around a basic structure that will serve as your guide.

To help you we offer several on our online shop of children’s travel books. To choose for one’s own children or to offer.

blank travel diary overview
Blank travel diary to complete – WanderWorld


We have designed our travel diaries with all our experience as travelling moms,who are also keen to keep their children busy during the holidays.

So we wanted to make it a real essential addition to your family travels and above all a personalized souvenir that you will keep. In short, your new travel companion!

By mixing the visual “City Guide”, the photo mini-album, the activity book and the notebook, we created travel diaries by city.

Check out our products here:

WanderWorld children's travel diary collection of 7 destinations

3. The differences with a photo album?

Making a travel diary is not at all incompatible with filling a photo album(or writing an article on a blog)… It’s just different.

Of course you’re going to take pictures, by the tens or even hundreds. Telling yourself that when you get home, you’ll order a photo book online to immortalize your journey. Or you’ll have your photos pulled, and then put them in a bound album.

All this, if you have the time of course(something we miss most in general, and especially when returning from a trip with young children …)

Because creating a family photo album can be tedious if you want to involve the youngest. Sort through all the photos you bring back from a trip… But it’s mission impossible for a child!

And anyway, it’s something you’ll do on your return, not during the trip.

You will inevitably forget details, anecdotes… The travel diary remains the most sensual medium, looking at it years later we still have so many sensations and memories!



Touch and smell are going to be much more present… It will inspire adults and children alike to participate in its creation, because it adapts to age and creates attachment to the order of intimacy.

The travel diary is spontaneous,more true, more authentic. And why not ask the people you meet to leave a note?

In fact, equipping your aspiring globetrotters with a nice notebook is the assurance of keeping them for years after an absolutely unique and still so vivid memory of this trip that you made together.


4. A memory in your image

The best memory you will bring back from your travels will undoubtedly be this family travel diary.

If you have taken the trouble to describe each of the activities performed, this object will be a treasure trove of memory,for you and for your children. Of such value that you will even have to avoid making it travel in the hold(you never know …)!

Write down everything: the sensations, the favorites, the flagship events.

But beware, in the case of a very long journey, 5000 pages may disgust the children. This should not turn to the duty of vacation, often experienced as an obligation. Benevolence must be the order of the day!

It is better to invite them to harvest small things during your walks. Transport tickets, sand, leaf or flower, newspaper article…


Children's travel diary Barcelona 5
WanderWorld Barcelona Children’s Travel Diary

And then take advantage of the long hours in the airports to move on to the writing, coloring and collage phase.

Personalization remains an intimate moment and a strong experience when you choose to share it with your loved ones. Even if we didn’t have to make the notebook entirely.

It’s the personalization that counts, putting a piece of self into it, more than creating the object with your own hands.

virgin travel book currency country
Virgin Travel Diary – WanderWorld


5. The most precious of memories

If you decide to make a travel diary, the first delighted will be your children.

This can turn a mundane weekend into an unforgettable experience. It may even be the beginning of a beautiful journey of initiation that is coming…

Because in addition to giving them the desire to travel to the other side of the world, you give them a taste for writing. What a great gift!

They will then appreciate being able to give free rein to their creativity in this way. So don’t hesitate to write down the right addresses, the finds. You will be able to share them on the way back.

If you’re tempted by the idea, it’s time to take the plunge! So as soon as you’re on your next getaway, go with your kids, and build great memories together.

This is my son’s travel diary, then 8 years old. Today, at the age of 15, he tenderly flips through it…


make a travel diary 5



So there’s not a minute to spend to slip a travel diary into your suitcase!


How about you? Have you ever tested the travel diary? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback. And if not, does this article make you want to get started? Tell us everything in the comments below.


We wish you beautiful trips and wonderful family moments.



All our children’s travel books are available on our online shop: wanderworld.fr.

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