Our gift ideas to give children a taste of travel

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At WanderWorld, we want to give kids a taste for travel. Discovering other cultures can be learned from an early age! So we decided to give you our Christmas gift ideas on the theme of travel. They may not be on your children’s list, but I promise the surprise will be even more beautiful!

Tiptoi book® – “I discover the music of the world”

This tiptoi® book is especially suitable for the smallest travelers! From the age of 4, the child goes on a journey around the world to discover instruments, styles of music and dances! This fascinating adventure in the world of melodies and sounds is animated by more than 900 sounds, texts and songs. Price: €19.99. Warning: the tiptoi® reader is sold separately (59.90 euros).


BrainBox – “Travel Around the World”

BrainBox – Travel around the world is a board game that makes memory and observation work. Children (8 years and older) must memorize visual elements associated with a country and then answer questions. The games are simple and fast, and the perfect format to take this little game everywhere! We also like its mini price: only 15.99 euros. A BrainBox will make a nice gift at the foot of the Christmas tree! More information here.

“Our Alternative Worlds” – the Eco-Responsible Box

For the past ten years, gifts in the box format have been all the rage. The Bordeaux start-up Nos Mondes Alternatives offers several eco-responsible boxes. Each box includes a participatory story and ethical, organic and original gifts that will allow your children to discover other cultures while having fun. For 8-10 year olds, Our Alternative Worlds offer two different boxes (20.00 euros for a single story or 60.00 for three stories). For the older ones, the start-up also offers the box “The City of Tomorrow” (75.00 euros plus postage).

Subscribe to One Third Stories

Another Box gift idea! This young English start-up has developed a concept of books that start in one language and end in another. Little English can learn Spanish or French by having fun, thanks to their Box which they receive each month in their mailbox. The subscription is currently available for three, six or twelve months. This very innovative concept aims to evolve into other language combinations later, so follow them closely! More information here.

And for your family getaways, don’t forget to slip one of
our children’s travel books
under the tree. Your children will become true little tour guides. Aimed at young and old, our notebooks will accompany you in your discoveries.


Very visual and creative, our children’s travel diaries are fun. They allow the youngest to take ownership of the city and take full part in the discovery of the city. They are part of the visit and our travel diaries are real children’s tour guides. It is also a travel memory that the family will keep and consult later with pleasure!


WanderWorld: to discover or rediscover a destination while having fun and keeping an original memory.

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